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What is nothing?

            Forgotten or unknown:

                                "It is quiet,
                                it is silent,
                                it is at rest,
                                and it is before everything."

            The angel did open the seventh seal and silence filled the

            The God made flesh said,

            "Blessed is the lion that the human eats,
                so that the lion becomes human.
            Cursed is the human that the lion eats,
                so that the lion becomes human."

            When God came forth from the Virgin Spirit, Oblivion.
            He saw creation and the power he had taken from his
            Mother he said:

                        "I am a jealous God,
                        and there is no other God besides me."

          But by saying this, he suggested to the angels there is
          another God. For if there were no other God, of whom
          would he be jealous?"

          The angels called upon Sophia the Spirit of life,
          to find their Mother. Sophia split the light of Wisdom between
          Adam and Eve.

          The jealous God sought to make their minds sluggish,
          that they may neither understand or discern. He covetted
          the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, which is actually

          It was not the Snake who caused them to eat the forbidden fruit.
          It was the Savior's enlightenment. For this reason Adam did leave
          his Father for his wife:

                          "This is now bone from my bones
                          and flesh from my flesh."

        When the God Father realized that Adam had rejected him for Eve.
        He cursed the earth:

                          "Their pleasure is a trap,
                            their tree is evil,
                            their fruit is poison,
                            their promise is death."

        But the Mother of God spoke to them through the perfect knowledge of
        their nakedness:

                            "Eat and be merry!
                              The Child of God is within you!
                              Truely blessed are you!"

      Out the beauty and pleasure of nakedness came a new God made flesh.
      And the Angels did rejoice.


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