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Today's woman... matters arising

It is no longer news to know that the world indeed has become a global village. Moreover, the technologies of man have made it even much smaller. The television, one of the earlier milestones, constantly bridges the gap between cultures, civilization and development. From the comfort of one’s home, he is brought abreast with various happenings all over the world.
One of those happenings is the reason for this piece. I was indeed saddened to discover in one particular documentary that in this 21st century or Millennium, whichever you feel appropriate, that the girl-child education was still very much under-emphasized. In all honesty, the voice –over for the said documentary almost literally said that;
‘No matter how brilliant a girl was, she was forced to stay home,
While her dumb brother continued his education…’
How sad! Civil societies and Human Rights group decry the marginalization of women’s right, but more than our right, I think our mentality/self perception has also been greatly abused. It is sad to see how far some African cultures and traditions have gone in robbing the African woman of her worth and self esteem.
It is only a small comfort and a joke to argue that the woman’s dignity is slowly been restored, judging by the appointment of a few women to the helm of authorities in this present day government in Africa. This is because while the domination and suppression of women is no longer tolerated, most women have become perpetual victims of their unchanged mentality. The effect of this can be seen in the over exaggerated rebellion against the malefolk, a neglect of her womanly duties as wife and mother and the innate suspicion and jealousy for her fellow woman.
Now, this is most curious because you would expect that it is obvious knowledge that there is much to be achieved when women stand together. Not for petty revenge plots and strategies, but for the aim of solving a problem (as the Aba market women riot have shown in Nigeria in the late ‘60s). However this is not so as women tend to perceive each other as foes until they’ve proven to be friends. Why carry out the frustration on ourselves? The truth is that we are our best cheerleader because we feel the same shoe pinch even though in our own different ways.
There’s nothing to be gained from men-hating and I dare say that the WOMEN’S LIB is not the solution. I believe that the solution is for every woman to go on the path of self re-discovery. The answer to the question; ‘who am i?’ becomes very pertinent. In seeking answer to this question, care should be taken to ensure that answers are sought from the right source. Of all such sources, the most reliable of course is God. After all who knows a product more than the producer Himself? His manual is a reliable guide in our quest for insight into us.
The replacement theory presupposes that nature does not entertain a vacuum. So, as we cleanse and renew our mind of old and archaic thought patterns that have tainted our self image, we must ensure that we give room to the living Word of God to come in , to cleanse , renew and restore us to our pride of place as God has originally planned.
This could be the most important adventure we’ve ever undertaken in life.

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