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by Kotaro
Rated: E · Short Story · Horror/Scary · #1406374
Written years ago, but seems a lot more likely to happen now.
Lab Boy

The lab guys explained it to me three times, and I thought about it a lot, but I still don’t get it. I know I wasn’t one of the smart kids at school and I never did read many books. I guess those guys in white suits just got more brains than me.

They said they chose me because I’m bigger than most anyone and I never get sick plus I’m not a fussy eater, but after that... They talked about body chemistry, end rhymes, and pro teams, but what do poems and sports have to do with chemistry? And, when they first talked about clones, I thought they were speaking Spanish.

It seems they’re making me over and over again. At least that’s what I think. They’ve shown me videos of babies and kids in the lab that look just like I did when I was one. They must really think I’m special. If they didn’t think I was so special they wouldn’t give me any video game or DVD movie I wanted. All I have to do is write an E-mail. Before, they used to come to my room and talk to me. I liked that, but now they almost never do. They told me they were too busy working.

My life is better now than before I came here. I was always hungry; now I can eat as much as I want. I didn’t even have my own game console or a TV in my room. So, I’m really happy now, but sometimes I wish I had a friend to play with here. Maybe, if I ask, they’ll let some of the older kids play with me. I think the oldest is seven years old. That would be awesome. They’d be just like me. We’d have a great time, even though I’m a lot older than them. I’m going to write an E-mail.

I’m so sad. They told me the kids aren’t really like me. They can’t even talk. They’re more like animals, grunting and not even toilet trained! How did they get like that? I don’t want to think about it.

I miss Pa and Ma and my little sister, even though they let me talk to them on my computer once a week. They live in a nice house now, and they wear new clothes, but they look the same as before. It’s funny that they didn’t change at all. A few years ago Pa told me my sister died. That made me cry, but my Pa said he was so proud that they chose me. He said I was a hero to help them make everyone better. So many people were getting sick and dying from all those new diseases. I knew I did the right thing to help find a way to make everyone well.

At first, they took my blood a lot and shaved my head and stuck needles into me all over, and sometimes it hurt. That made me sick and weak for the first time in my life, but now they leave me alone. I’m back to being my old healthy self.

Yesterday they didn’t answer my E-mail. Today I’m still looking for breakfast. They must be pretty busy to forget about me. Well, I can wait. Ma always said I was the most patient person she knew.

I hope they find a cure soon. I know God will help them. Those nasty diseases can't kill us all. He won’t let them.

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