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What is a miracle in the 21st century?
I wake up in the morning.
My eyes have opened,
taking in the beautiful sun.
I cry because it is so beautiful.
It is radiating heat and exuding warmth,
making me feel all bright and cuddly,
safe and sound.

I hear the birds chirping,
singing melodious songs to me,
flocking to my window
for their daily dose of bread.

I look out the window and start talking to my little friends,
assuring them they will get their daily feed.

I arise from the bed and smell the coffee being brewed in my kitchen.
I pour myself a cup of coffee and go join my bird friends at the window.

We have been joined by our squirrel friends in search of some food.
Along comes a stray cat wanting to join us.
I pet her innocently, feeling her fur against my hands.
She meows to tell me she needs love.

We all indulge in our morning ritual,
as we eye the lilies bloom in my garden.

Along side the lilies is my favorite apple tree.
We watch as a few of the apples descend from the tree,
waiting to be devoured by me.
And how sweet they taste.

How content we all feel on this spring day.
The serenity drowns out all of the urban noises that surround us.
And how divine is that.

This is a modern miracle.

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