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A brief discussion of my new book that has finally be published.
Hello everybody, I am Writing.com's author Cryastal-Dragon also known by my fans as Author Kyann Zorain.  I am here again at Writing.com to let everyone know about my new book that has been avaliable everywhere on the net since February 2008.  The book is called The Stones of the Hidden Powre pt one: The Fight for Freedom. It is a grand story about a young woman who is a Dragon Keeper and Keeper of the Planet and Star Stones (power stones). After the death of her younger brother she is faced with an abundance of adversityies, including the return of the dark and evil wizard Zian.  She is insearch of two Stolen power stones and take them back to their rightful place.  More about me and my book(s) can be found at my web pages www.myspace.com/kyannzorain -or- www.publishedauthors.net/kyannzorain/index.html.  I am very happy and excited to be a published author, now comes the hard part, promoting. I am having a little bit of trouble doing more adiquite promoting, but my book is getting a lot of really good exposure.

For any of you out there that knows any of the Harry Potter books, movies or knows a fan, I am getting a lot of light from their fans; I have dedicated my book to one of their talented actors as a thank you for his poisitive energy.  I do not know him personally, but I do feel I may here shortly, due to my attending fan events and authorgraph sessons.  I am very happy for a new beginning in my life and still trying to get through college, this is a big break for me. I am glad I got the chance to jump on board the band wagon for this once in a life time opporunity. Google my name Kyann Zorain and check out some of my web sites or online retailers for my book.  Hope you all can get a copy and enjoy reading, part two due out soon.

So thanks to this community for listening and reading.
aka Kyann Zorain.  smile :)
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