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by T Rock
Rated: E · Monologue · Tragedy · #1407522
A paradox of the mind's limitations

Alone I stand in a crowd of thousands.  The feeling of isolation is an overwhelming blanket of fear.  This paradox somehow exists, creeping under my tongue so I can't cry out for help. But why ask for help?  Here I am protected.  Here I am free to be whatever I want.  So I fly.  I fly alone, feeling righteous.  Never thinking I could crash.  But I do.  I do and it burns.  Again amongst the thousands of people.  Except now there are millions.  Millions of people who do not want me here.  But I can't leave.  Trapped like a fly in a house with the windows open.  Another paradox.  An enigma to be solved by myself.  Alone.
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