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This is just the intro and first chapter.
Jake Thompson: In room 33

The frustrated tourist was a young man named Jake. He had come to see what New York was like, and for a couple of business meetings. It was December 27, and Jake was nearing his 23 birthday.
He had searched all day to find out where the nearest bus stop was, but had had no luck. He had found a few people who looked like they might know, once, but when he tried to cross the street after them, he was hit by a taxi.

He decided to find another local to tell him directions.

CHAPTER 1: The Sun Triune

He started off down Barnyard Ave. and looked around. It looked like one of the less urban areas of town. He was taking in his surroundings when he tripped and fell over a rock. Right in front of his nose was a map of the metropolis.

He picked up the map, got up, and dusted off his coat. He found a bench and sat down to read the map. It looked like he was in one of the northern suburbs. According to the map, the nearest map was two blacks away, on Trenton Ave.

He walked back to the corner, and turned left. He thought he must look odd in his red turtle-neck sweater and penny loafers. The minutes went buy with nothing eventful happening, except an old lady across the street being hit with an unpleasant "plop" on her head as a pile of bird droppings landed on her shoulder. He was there.

He was on a mission, to make it to the nearest hotel. He had a limited amount of money, so he chose on one called the Sun Triune. As soon as the bus arrived, a gust of wind struck, and the map he was holding whipped away in the wind.

He got on the bus, paid the fee, and took a seat near the back of the bus. He shuttered at the sight of all the gum under the seat in front of him. The bus jerked forward as it took off along Trenton Ave. After a few minutes of looking at all the old chewing gum, old lunches, and bus graffiti imaginable, the bus came to a stop a block away from the Sun Triune. He got off, and took off toward the west. His feet crunched in the snow as he trudged along.

He was use to the snow, coming from North-West Ohio, but was not used to so many rap fans making poor attempts to speak English. He came to a stop in front of a nice hotel. He took his suitcase and walked in the front doors, wondering what the hotel would be like.

His jaw dropped as he looked around at wonderful fountains, fantastic rugs everywhere, gleaming mirrors, potted plants, and paintings of castles with turrets and towers, paintings of everything else imaginable! He slowly proceeded to the front desk. He then asked the woman in a light orange uniform how much it was for a room. He looked surprised to find that it was only $168 a night,

He paid the lady for a week stay, and headed up the stairs with his new set of keys labeled neatly "33." Once he got to the second floor, he walked along the hallway to find his room, and found it was the third from the last room the left. He put the keys into the door, and turned. He then found a quiet, subtle living room painted powder blue, with a small television set, a small cream-colored sofa, a small coffee table, a ornate tall lamp, and a off-white arm-chair.

He walked in and turned to the left and found a small kitchen, complete with a fridge, and a cabin-style kitchen set. He walked back crossed the living room down a small hallway. The first door was a small bathroom, and the second a master bedroom with a queen sized bed, with a nice set of lavender pillows and a deep purple bed sheet. He went back down the hall, went into the living room, sat down in the arm-chair, and fell asleep.
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