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...oh, the things ex-girlfriends have inspired me to write...
Like you
  used to
  to me

I've got a fiberglass head attached to my brain
    Selling out on my faults
    Set myself up for disrupt
As my vision of the sun begins to twist to gray
    The mirror opens its eyes
    Shows me my private demise
I try to point a finger
Find another at fault
For all the unclaimed anger
And the repercussions
  of the steps I've taken
I try to see behind your face
As I gather mercies
From the Man Above

  I've got an offer
  You can't refuse
Open up your mind
  And I'll be there to use
    Put your hooks in, if you want
  I'm yours to abuse
    I can't get enough of you

Like you
  used to
  to me

You've got a pair of Angel's wings folded at your back
    That you haven't yet unfurled
    You Say the sun's kept you to the ground
You've got a look of love in your eyes for me to see
    That you've taken time to excuse
    While into your reflection you diffuse
When asleep and dreaming
Are you pacing down your corridors?
Always seeing your twisted image
In the concave mirrored walls
Is that reflection your deep fear?
To see yourself inside out
  and all of your desires kept hidden
    tucked neatly away from those around you
The insatiable need to pretend
Is like a loaded gun
It twists love into hypocrisy
Like a mirror facing opposite to the dawn
Casting reflections of the sun

  Well, I've got a thought
    I think you should use
  Turn to face the sun
    and you will never lose
  Reach out with your heart, no need to fear
    Life is yours to choose
  Don't use mirrors
  If you wish to see
  Follow the sun in your soul
  To set yourself free

Like you
  used to
  to me

~~April, 1999
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