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The United States was once a respected and economically strong country.
      The United States is slowly disappearing and not enough people are noticing.When I read about history and see all of the great nations of the past I see a recurring item. Each of these great powers slowly died. For those of you that can laugh off or argue that the US will never be in that catagory better take a good look around and see what is happening to us. When I look around, I see millions of people entering our country illegally with no action being taken to halt it or deport the people who have no intention of being a part of our society. There is a lot of talk of what should or will be done but that is what it is, talk. Teddy Roosevelt said that we are but one country (America) and all who enter shall assimilate to us and all allegiance will be to us and nothing more. He also stated that we have room for but one flag and but one language (English) and but one sole loyalty. We have had large numbers of immigrants in the past but our ancestors came here to be part of America not to make money and send it back to the home country. Our health care system is a mess, our taxes just keep rising and there are more and more of them. What happened to "No Taxation Without Representation"? We as a nation must start to band together to fight what is happening to us. We are paying at least 20 to 30 different taxes now than we were a hundred years ago when our nation was one of the strongest economies in the world without all of these. Being in construction I see first hand that the rich are getting richer while the rest of us are getting poorer as high end housing keeps going and the rest of us are just trying to hang on. Everyday I watch the news and think about how my father and uncles fought in WWII so that we can live with the freedoms we have and don't any of you see what is happening around you. You have CEO'S embezzeling or retiring with huge payouts as the workers who made the companies lose everything or are forced to work at wages that can't sustain thier families. You have property taxes crushing people in certain parts of the country due to poorly run state governments that have waited far too long to try to look into revamping the system. You have unions that are not doing what they were intended for like helping the workers instead of filling the pockets of a select few. You have a country with a huge dependency on foriegn oil but refuses to find and tap new wells within our borders so we are at the mercy of the oil producing nations. You have a country that lets our companies outsource their work thereby putting more Americans out of work. We are already seeing people losing their homes at an alarming rate with the worst yet to come. America will be going to the polls in November but what do we have to vote for? Obama and Clinton can say all the things you want to hear but at what cost? Social programs require funding (Do you hear new taxes)? Now what about McCain? Are we doing that well to go another four years of this? I think the real candidate is somewhere out there but we will never see him or her as elections are won on money and popularity and not solutions or issues so in the old days when they told you you can grow up to be president can now only be said to a select few. Wake up America and lets take bake our country.
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