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An encounter I'll not soon forget.
bristling with hatred

         While out on my evening walk, I passed a woman looking weary and worn, clutching her purse in one hand and a sack of groceries in the other --- a sad rendition of Lady Justice.  The scene brought to mind another time when I, along with my eleven-year-old, struggled to walk home lugging several bags of groceries.  Though our car was out of commission, we needed food.

         With empathy for this stranger, in kindness I said, “It’s a lot heavier on the way home, isn’t it?”

         She was silent, “Maybe she didn’t hear me,” I thought as I continued on.  I have a soft voice.  People are hard of hearing.

         Then she turned in anger, “How would you know?” 

         With the wind knocked out of me, I turned toward her.

         “I’ve carried heavy bags before.”

         More belligerently she smirked, “Yeah, I bet a whole hell-of-a-lot.”

         Like a hot iron… a momentary sizzling with lingering pain.

         As I continued on, I weighed her words in light of my week, financial issues --- reflections urging a suicidal resolution.  We really cannot fathom what someone is or has gone through when we look at them. 

         Even those who drive luxury cars and live in million-dollar homes have problems.  A wealthy couple I know recently lost their nine-year-old grandson to cancer.  How dare we judge someone simply by what we see? 

         Now I remember a bitter old woman --- probably not much older than me.  I won't forget what I learned from my brief encounter with her.


I'm rejuvenated and comforted as His Word echoes through my mind: 

Come unto me, all ye who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest.  ~~Matthew 11:28 (KJV) [emphasis added]

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