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Understanding liquid food.

        It was a simple process. The potential was miraculous.
        Out of soup came a new world. The rate of evolution was
        bounless. We chemist were astounded.

        But, there was something lacking: a God. It was assumed
        that the inhabitants would develope a faith, but they showed
        no intrest. Could this be retardation?

        We chemist suggested introducing a God. Perhaps the
        behaviorist could guide are creation to a faith. Mrs. Narelle
        aproached the liquid world carefully.

        Raising the container high, she poured the entire content
        into her mouth and swallowed. There was a gasp in the lab.
        Technicians scaned her belly. There was activity.

        Mrs. Narelle squatted and a beach ball sized egg appeared.
        The egg was taken to an incubator. It was hatched in three
        days: a baby girl.

        When the girl was fully developed. She asked who had swallowed
        her world. Mrs. Narelle stepped forward and confessed. The young
        woman kissed Mrs. Narelle and thanked her for answering the
        prayers of her people: "To be born again."

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