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by Tyler
Rated: E · Fiction · Comedy · #1408295
Jimmy the Q-Tip has a frightening experience.
Jimmy the Q-Tip

         Oh god oh god she’s opening the containah. Oh I sure hope she does not choose me oh please Jasus Jo-seph and Marray. Oh no here the come the fingahs here they come oh no. No! Larray! Don’t leave me Larray! Oh god she took Larray! Oh—god! She puttin’ him in her eah oh god Larray no! Oh no Larray’s all waxy now. All full of wax oh no oh god. I’m prayin’ for you Larray—oh no! She’s puttin’ the other side of Larray in her eah oh god! Don’t throw Larray out oh please oh god he is my best friend oh please. Oh no. Oh no. Here come the fingahs again oh no. Oh god! Fellahs! She has me! Help me fellahs she has me by the cloth! She’s got me by the Q-Tip fellahs! Oh god here we go. Oh Jasus I am flying through the air. I have nevah been this high befoah. Oh look at the fellahs. How did they get so small? The containah looks so tiny from up here. Oh no the eah! Not the eah! Ahh! Fellahs! Help! I’m goin’ in! Ooo it’s kinda dahk in here. Oh how mysterious. Hm. What’s that? What’s all that green stuff? Oh god oh no! Not the wax! Anything but the wax oh god! Awh gur-ross the wax it is so gross. Awh god I’m bein’ covahed in it awh Jasus. All right she’s taking me out oh that was so hawibble I am so glad that I am ou—OH NO! Not again oh no! Please no more wa—awh yuh-kay. What will my goyle-friend think? Awh gross all covered in wax so gross. Aright the wurst is ovah. She’s taking me back out now do not worry fellahs I am coming back—oh wait. Where is she taking me? Where are you taking me? The containah was the othah way. No do not take that lid off that garbage can. I am warning you! Put it back! I am going to get angray here! Do not take me ovah there. Put me back in the containah. No! Oh no fellahs she is gunna put me in the trash can help me fellahs! Ahh! I’m fawling! Ahh!
         Oh. Hello Larray.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1408295