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A poem about a past relationship.
A subtle, yet provocative Asian woman;
A devoted girlfriend to a self-proclaimed have-nothing.
She spoke engagingly, with quiet, steady tones;
Her hands, soft and delicate, crafting comfort;
Her smile arising from technically apropos conversation.
We often ate Mexican or American cuisine,
Both relying solely on my relishing her gentle company
And companionship. 
We would pour over the menus,
Calmly casting aside our doubts
Over what we were having,
And choose something tasteful
Which I would regret later. 
Having watched her wisely choose her meal,
I would often wish to have what she was eating –
She would notice and offer to share.
I would only accept if I were sure she was full,
Then go on to splurge on parts of her meal
As well as mine. 
Our evenings would end on a wise note:
It was getting late, and we would have to part
For the evening.
She would gather a wholesome, worthwhile kiss for me,
Pressed deliciously on my mouth
Which would sometimes linger during the long drive home.
And that was love so divine
One more time…
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