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Is getting older really that bad?

Older by the Minute


E C Wesch

Although my heart and mind agree,
That age cannot encumber me.
In whispered silence fitfully,
My body begs for sympathy.

My youthful mind is sharp and slick,
While in my chest, my heart does tick,
So strong it beats, steady and quick,
Yet my body screams, "I'm too sick."

This face can launch a thousand ships,
Too bad the ships sunk to my hips.
My sagging jowls and hair thin lips,
Are nestled under a nose that drips.

My two blue eyes, like limped pools,
Have bags so big they carry tools,
On backs of heavy, laden mules,
That follow after old-time fools.

My hair is thinning, turning gray,
And thins a little more each day,
So through the nose I do pay,
To have my gray dyed blue today.

I bought my dentist a brand new car,
It came complete with a full stocked bar;
But my teeth shine now like a gleaming star,
On the counter soaking, in a little jar.

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