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by IdaLin
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A memory-filled morning walk
Written for "Invalid Item CinqTroisDecaLa Rhyme with ten lines, AABBCCCABC and a syllable count of each line is 15. Device: using the 5 senses, prompt: the color green.

Wistful dew cooling to the touch lingers from the nighttime chill.
Twisting green shoot breaks the surface with a life goal to fulfill
Wafting scents from early blooms dance merrily to their own tunes
Lilting birdsong adds its music to the scene of early June
Biting a sweet red ripe fruit plucked from the berry-laden vine
I think and recall each and every time when your hand touched mine
I smile at fond memories and remember another time
Your loving eyes I see and the sound of your voice haunts me still
Watching a caterpillar deftly spin her silky cocoon
Hoping that when all is done, like her, I too, will be just fine
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