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It is about the life of Jason. He is a giant in a medieval time.
Developing A Taste For Beauty

(Setting/Time Period: Medieval)

         Up on a large mountain foothill, which was surrounded by a forest, sat cottage. To the giant, Jason, it was a small home that he built a few years back. He had moved away from the other giants because he liked to be alone. Jason was short compared to other giants in the world. He was a little over twenty-six feet, about four feet shorter that a normal giant.

It was a bright sunny day and Jason had walked down to a clearing where a river ran through the woods. He had brought a jug to fill with water; to him, the river was nothing more than a small spring. While filling the jug he noticed out of the corner of his eye, a small figure lying in the grass near the edge of the woods. He sat the jug down and took a closer look, it was a tiny woman. Jason was startled; he had never seen a little person before. He had heard his mother tell stories about them, but there were no little people settlements where he had grown up. The woman appeared to be unconscious, it looked like she had tripped and fell and hit her head on a rock.
Not knowing what else to do, Jason scooped the little woman up, retrieved his water jug, and went back to his cottage. In the cottage, he took one of the blankets he had and folded it up into what a person of her size would call a bed, sat it on his large table where he usually ate his meals, and laid her on it. He took a wet cloth and wiped away the dried blood on her forehead. He then had his dinner of some bread and cheese. After that, he sat and watched to see if she would wake up, he saw her chest rising and falling, so he knew she was still alive. Looking at her, he noticed that she was very beautiful. The woman was maybe only about five and half feet long, she had bright red shoulder length hair that had a slight curl to it. She had deep green eyes, pale red lips, and while lightly rubbing her face and left arm, he could feel that she had silky smooth skin; her skin wasn’t white, it was more of a very pale tan. She was wearing a simple white cloth dress that stopped just few inches above her ankles; the top of the dress was made of a dark green cloth.
The woman didn’t wake up until afternoon the next day; Jason was sitting next to the table when she did. Well…technically she woke up, but screamed and fainted when she saw Jason staring at her. Ten minutes later she woke again, this time he made a shushing sound to try and calm her down. For several minutes they just looked at each other, the woman finally spoke, she was afraid of him but she figure if she acted calm that she wouldn’t be harmed, “Why did you bring me here?”
Jason answered, “I found you in the clearing where the river runs through the woods, you had fallen and hit your head; I brought you here to help you, to clean your head wound.”
“So, do all giants clean and heal their dinner,” she asked.
“What do you mean by dinner,” he asked.
“I figured you were going to cook me in a stew, roast me, eat me raw, swallow me whole, or whatever other way you giants like to devour us little people,” she said.
“Eat you! No, no, no, I wouldn’t do that,” he said.
“You're strange for a giant than, I thought young beautiful women were a guy giant’s favorite food,” she said.
“Well, what you have been told isn’t entirely true; not all giants eat little people. When my mother told me stories about little people, she did say that some giants ate them, but she always said it was wrong, because little people are just as intelligent as giants, liked to do the same things as us, and have families like us,” Jason paused, “She also told me that because little people are small, defenseless, and might taste good for dinner, doesn’t mean that we should eat them.”
“It’s nice to know that not all giants would want to eat me,” said the woman, “just to make sure……you are not going to eat me?”
Jason laughed, “I have never eaten, let alone seen a little person before.”
The woman breathed a sigh of relief, “So, you have never seen a little person before?”
“You’re the first, and you are very beautiful if I may say so,” he complimented.
“Thank you, you are very kind,” she said blushing.
“My name is Jason,” he said, “what’s yours”
“Melissa,” she answered, “If I may ask, how old are you, you look young, but I don’t know how giants age.”
He chuckled, “Well, I’m twenty-five. And you are?”
“Twenty-three,” she said.
They went on talking for an hour or so and then they had dinner, he gave her a little vegetable soup that he had made, some bread, and some cheese. The next day at lunch, Jason said, “I’ll take you back to your town and family today, if you want me to take you there.”
Melissa bowed her head down, “Well, I really don’t have a family there; my parents both died last winter, I was there only child, and I don’t think I have any other family. The reason I was in the forest was that I was going to collect berries to sell for money because I had none, I’m poor, and I really don’t have any friends there either.”
“I’m sorry,” Jason said, feeling sad for the poor little woman, she was so lovely, but had nobody left in the world to look after her, “You can stay with me if you like; you’ll have a nice large house with that comfortable blanket to sleep on, I’ll provide you with anything you need, food and water, plus you will be safe, because there are no other giants around this area besides me.”
“You would do that for me,” she asked.
“It just wouldn’t be right to leave beautiful young woman like you out there to fend for herself with no protection,” he answered.
“Well, since I have no better choice,” she said, “I humbly accept your most generous offer.” She then motioned for him to lean forward and she then kissed him on the cheek, “Thank you.” Jason then pulled back, slightly blushing.

Months passed, Jason and Melissa had developed quite a friendship. Being so small, there wasn’t a whole lot that Melissa could do to help around the house, but she was able to keep busy, reading some books that Jason had; they were big, but she could turn the pages easily enough. He had a big chessboard; the pieces were carved from solid wood and were two-thirds of her size, they were too heavy for her, so she would tell him what she wanted to do and he would move the pieces for her. They would also talk during meals, about their lives before they met each other.
One day, Jason realized that he loved her and that he was very attracted to her, but he knew that they wouldn’t be compatible because of their size difference, but he cared so deeply for her. The next day after dinner, he slowly stuck his finger out and started to lightly rub her back, and she turned, smiled and said, “Mmm, that feels so good.”
“I love you,” Jason said. After he said this Melissa grabbed his arm and hugged it tightly, “I’ve been waiting for you to say that. I love you too! I just was too nervous to say it, and I wasn’t sure you felt the same way.”
Melissa then started to take her clothes off, until she was completely nude. She slowly started to turn around and show off her voluptuous body. She was a sight to behold; for her size, her breasts were perfect, in normal measurements, they would be a large C and they were pleasantly animated as she moved. She had long sexy legs with thick but not fat thighs, that lead up to her perfectly round and plump ass. She had a nice amount of meat on her and it was in all the right places. “So, you like what you see,” she asked.
Jason smiled, and licked his lips in a sexual way, not a hungry way, “Yes, but you do know we can’t actually do everything, you are just too small.”
“I may be small Jason,” she said, “But, that doesn’t mean we can’t pleasure each other in other ways. Don’t be shy, take me now, feel me, rub me, and kiss me!”
So that is exactly what he did. Jason grabbed Melissa and started rubbing, fondling her breasts, they felt so soft. While doing that he also messaged her between her legs.
Melissa moaned in pleasure, while licking and kissing the fingers that Jason was using to rub her breasts. She was getting thoroughly wet, making his fingers incredibly sticky. He started to kiss her face, her whole head being enveloped between his lips.
“Lick me! Taste me,” she shouted. Out came Jason’s tongue, licking her face then moving down to her breasts, then further down, licking everything off his fingers and whatever was left between her legs. “Yes! Yes! YES,” she moaned and shouted. Jason then moved his tongue to her feet, lapping and sucking them, “Mmmm, Melissa! You taste so good! You are positively delicious!”
(Well, giants in this world are known to be able to stretch their mouths open much wider then it would seem possible.)
Jason opened his mouth wider and started to slurp in Melissa’s feet and then her legs. By the time she noticed what was happening, he had already engulfed her up to her thighs and then sucked in her plump and sweet little rump, tasting and savoring the flavor. Melissa shouted, “Jason, No! Snap out of it! Stop! Don’t eat me!” It was to no avail, swallowing her was so yummy and pleasurable that it was like he was in a trance. She slid in all the way; she watched his lips and teeth go by; his mouth closed and he sucked on her head and face, and then he made one last big swallow. Outside, an observer, if there had been one, would have see the last bit of Melissa, her beautiful bright red hair slip in between his lips and she was gone. Melissa felt Jason’s throat muscles squeeze her, moving her down to her fate. Her head slipped out of the long tube. She was now completely in his stomach.
Jason opened his eyes with a huge sigh; he was coming down off the sexual rush he had been experiencing. He then felt movement in his stomach, which made him belch. The rush had been so big that he didn’t know what he had done. He looked around, Melissa was gone, “Melissa, where are you!” He felt more wiggling in his belly.
“I’m in here Jason,” he heard her shout; “You swallowed me! You got so into it that you ate me!”
“Oh no! No,” he whimpered, “I’m so sorry, I’m awful. I let you stay at my house; you grew attached to me to the point of loving me and me loving you. You loved me and I ate you! I’m evil!”
“Jason, don’t say that! You are wonderful and kind you gave me so much, loved me so much. It’s okay you didn’t mean to eat me. It is my fault, I egged you on, I told you to lick and taste me. It was my fate to get eaten by you and I except it. We wouldn’t have been able to have a family anyway, as you said, I was too small for that,” she paused and smiled to herself, “There wasn’t really anything left for me to do in the world anyway. I love you and I wouldn’t have wanted to die any other way, I love the thought of feeding you, I’ll be a part of you always. So cheer up, lay back, and feel good about having a full belly of plump and beautiful Melissa meat.”
“Oh Melissa I’ll love you always,” Jason said wiping the tears from his eyes.
“I have one question before I die,” said Melissa, “What did I taste like?”
Jason leaned back and rubbed his belly, “Melissa you were the best meal a giant could have; you were sweet, smooth, and satisfying.”
“I’m glad,” she said.
“But, there is a problem that you have now started, Melissa,” Jason said.
“What’s that,” asked Melissa.
“You gave me a craving,” he answered, “I want to eat more tasty beautiful little women.”
“I say go for it! I want you to be happy, and if it takes gobbling up all the tasty beautiful women in this world to make you happy, I want you to do it,” said Melissa, “there are several towns outside that forest, with tons of plump beautiful women ripe and ready to be dinner. But just before you eat them tell them about me, and maybe, just maybe, they will understand why they have to be eaten.”
Jason went and laid down on his bed rubbing his belly, “Thank you my love, I won’t let you down, I will go and make myself the happiest giant in the world.” He smiled and fell asleep to the sounds and movements of his dearest Melissa being digested.
Jason woke up the next day refreshed. Walking out the cottage door, he heard his belly growl, and he knew what he wanted for his breakfast, an omelet, and he knew just where to find the meat filling for it. Heading down the mountain foothill, he realized that he had done and was going to be doing what his mother had told him not to do, but then he thought about a common saying. “We don’t always do what our mother tells us.”
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