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Gabi gets more than she bargained for ... is she over her head? Just who is Lucian?
Blood Feud – Chapter Two

         “I didn’t expect to meet anyone … normal here in the park this late.” Gabi tripped over her own words as the too handsome stranger simply held her, cradled gently against him like a child. Looking into his dark eyes, how was she supposed to form a coherent thought?
Lucian nearly gasped at the description. He hadn’t been called normal in 450 years.  He was so astonished; he nearly dropped the dark haired beauty back onto the cold sidewalk.  Not only was she lovely, she was charming too.
Gabi wasn’t in any hurry to be back on her feet.  Horizontal was much more what she had in mind, and who could blame her?  The man exuded sex appeal. She knew any red-blooded female would forgive her this mental venture into debauchery. With this man it would be impossible not to have indecent thoughts.
She wanted him with a violence she’d never experienced before.  Gabi couldn’t recall ever wanting any man at all.  She’d never known she could feel with this kind of passion.  It just wasn’t like her.
So far life had been dusty books and musty antiques. She spent all her energy on the past. She’d reached the grand age of thirty and had never imagined herself as a sensual person.  Her main interests were reading and solving the ancient puzzles she unearthed at the museum. 
She’d sworn off men and sex back in college. Her first and only physical encounter had been with a fellow student and had been far from enjoyable. They’d both been inexperienced and the embarrassment had overshadowed the entire episode.
This man was no Bradley Tate. He was lean and elegant. Every inch spoke of sensual pleasures that Gabi couldn’t begin to imagine. He would know how to treat a woman … in bed or anywhere else they might join up. The image those words created brought a flush to her cheeks and she was thankful it was too dark for him to see.
“I’m not often referred to as normal.” He answered. His voice was warm and mysterious. There was a soft accent, perhaps Eastern European, though she couldn’t tell exactly.  It certainly didn’t matter.  This man was sex personified.
The blood rushing to her face was nearly his undoing. She most likely believed he didn’t notice.  He could feel her blush spreading up her neck and cheeks, rather than see it in the dark.  He wondered what lascivious thoughts she could have that would cause such a reaction.  He imagined putting them into action. 
“I could understand that.” She agreed, more than a little breathless. Her comment had been off the mark. There wasn’t anything normal about this man.  He was powerful, sexy, and far too confident.  He was more than a man, he was a … dare she say it … God?
“Why don’t I see you home?” he offered.
Lucian wasn’t sure where those words came from or why he’d said them. He was quite dead and had no need for torture.  This was Gabriel VanHelsing’s progeny for Hell’s sake. The less time spent in her company the better. She certainly didn’t need walked home.
“That’s incredibly kind. Thank you.” She answered before he could call back the offer.  It was too late to politely refuse her.  Though he was tempting fate, he decided to escort her.
He wrapped an arm about Gabi and began leading her down the sidewalk. He wasn’t certain of their final destination, but just kept walking in the same direction she’d been heading.
She felt warm and alive. He wanted to absorb her and chase away the iciness that gripped him. He knew that it was a normal reaction. It was instinct as old as time, that of predator and prey and nothing more. It took everything he had to control it.
They emerged on Genessee Avenue. Traffic was slow, but even at this hour in bad weather New Yorkers were out. She saw a few rare taxis, all of which were on a fare or labeled off duty. That figures. They walked in compatible silence for the three more blocks to the small town house she shared with her mother Elaina.
“I can’t offer much … would you like a cup of coffee?” she asked softly. She wasn’t sure how this beautifully elegant man would respond. She wasn’t sure how her mother would respond either.
It was a chance she was willing to take. If Elaina VanHelsing was up she couldn’t exactly disapprove.  Finding her only daughter a date was a favorite pastime.  She’d have to admit he seemed the perfect candidate; rich, well mannered, and sexy as hell.
“That’s kind.” He answered, following her up the steps and through the front door.  He watched warily, ready for anything out of the ordinary.  If this was some sort of trap, then it was an elaborate one.
Didn’t this descendent of Gabriel VanHelsing understand who, or what, she was inviting into her home? Didn’t she understand the risk she was taking? Of coarse she didn’t. This naïve beauty had no idea that he was the walking dead.
There was a small foyer. The floor was simple ceramic tile. A row of stairs led up on the right side. There were arches to the right and left as well as several doors.
“I need to hang up my windbreaker.” Gabi crossed the room and opened a coat closet under the stairs.
“It’s lovely.” Lucian complimented. Though he’d lived in many beautiful places, he meant the words. There was a cozy feel to the small brick home that he would never experience. He’d enjoyed everything money could offer. Money could buy a mansion, palace, or a castle. Perhaps even a manor house. It couldn’t make a home.
She led him to the left. They moved through a spacious living area and small dining room. A lovely cabinet displayed antique china. The delicate dishes with hand painted vines and roses reminded him vividly of Gabi’s fair skin and rosy blush.
The kitchen was at the back of the house with spacious windows. The brilliant primary colors and white cabinets made the room cheerful and bright.  Very much like the woman Lucian followed.
Gabi was grateful that her mom was all ready in bed. She wasn’t sure why it mattered. She certainly wasn’t going to jump Lucian right here in the kitchen, even if she did want to. 
It felt cozy just sitting in the kitchen together. She felt very feminine as she started the coffee pot and assembled the cups, cream, and sugar. It was old fashioned, perhaps, to feel that way but she couldn’t help herself.
She watched Lucian’s lips as he sipped his coffee. The ceramic mug was dwarfed in his masculine hand. It seemed odd now, several years after her father’s death, to see a man inside her home. It was such a woman’s domain despite the fact that neither Elaina nor Gabi were the girly type. Though there were no outwardly feminine trappings in the house it still managed to feel that way.
Lucian tried to ignore the heat that invaded his body. It had nothing to do with the coffee and everything to do with the inviting woman who sat next to him at the small bar.
Gabi was close enough that he could feel the heat of blood pumping in her veins. He could smell the hot, coppery tang of the life giving fluid. He could feel the thick, sticky substance coating his throat. It was nearly his undoing.
NO. The word roared through his head and echoed for only him to hear. He had given up blood letting centuries ago. Several of the companies he owned funded or ran blood banks. Others actually were science labs, which tested blood or actually formulated blood substitutes. They were all very useful and served their purpose.
He had no need to kill. There was no need to pull another living person into the hell of the walking dead. Instincts, however, were difficult to ignore.  The need was strong enough to be painful.  It seemed his unhuman nature was still quite demanding.
She was stroking his arm, soothing him in a subconscious, kind way. Gabi was extremely tactile and seemed to be enjoying the feel of his silk shirt. Her hands were overly warm. Her body’s furnace was turned up very high and he couldn’t help but notice. He wondered if that was what had drawn the others to her tonight or if it was something else.
Illia Koresh was not to be taken likely. He was a powerful force, second only to Lucian’s own influence. He would certainly like to take advantage of Gabi, a lone female with all too intoxicating blood singing in her veins.
Did he know about the VanHelsing connection? It was certainly possible. He was brighter than Boris, his second hand thug. Either way it could be dangerous for Gabrielle and her mother.  Koresh and those like him could be very dangerous indeed.
Suddenly she was too close. Lucian couldn’t think of anything but the warm body in front of him. Before he could stop himself, he wrapped his arms around Gabi and pulled her tight. Since he sat rather high up on the bar stool, he could only pull her lips to his and embrace her.
Gabi pressed her lips to his chest. She could feel his groin against her upper belly and marveled at the response. It had been a long time. She had to admit it boosted her ego more than a little. She ran her hands under his jacket, enjoying the play of muscles as she stroked up his ribs. Oh she was certainly enjoying this.
She arched her neck. Loved the way his lips played now on her skin and even the gentle nips he gave as he enjoyed their play. The temperature seemed to skyrocket. As his lips claimed hers in a hungry kiss, Gabi figured most thermometers would have exploded by now.
She rubbed in an age old, all too human rhythm of mating. She was too busy to chastise herself.
“Damn!” Lucian snapped.
“What is it? I know my mother is here, but it isn’t anything we can’t deal with.” Gabi offered uncomfortably.
“I have to leave.”
There was no arguing with him. He leaped from his stool in one movement and she had to run to catch him at the front door.
“I’m sorry if I came on too strong.” Gabi apologized.
“No. It isn’t that. I have to go.”
“Ok. I’m sorry I …”
The words were difficult for Gabi to find.  She was certain she’d done something wrong.  Her lack of experience in the dating department was painfully obvious.  She was sure Lucian would notice.  His confidence was as much a part of him as his dark eyes or dazzling smile.
“No need for sorry. Quick, just forbid me entrance.”
“Quick … use the name of your savior. Which ever you choose.”
He was too good to be true.  What was his problem?  Was he married?  With her luck, she’d probably hooked up with an escapee from the local mental institute.  Gabi decided she wouldn’t be surprised.
    “Don’t question. Just do it quickly.” He commanded.  He didn’t sound insane.  Then again, she supposed you couldn’t always tell.  There had to be a good share of loons in Manhattan.
“In God’s name you are no longer welcome.” The words fell off her lips easily enough, in spite of their oddity.  She hadn’t even decided to humor him.  She felt compelled to do his bidding.
Why was he suddenly acting so bizarre?  Had she offended him?  It seemed more likely than Lucian being a mental patient.  Before she could ask him any more questions, he was gone. Lost in the mist like all good men.

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