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First chapter in my novel...Read it and I would really apreciate comments and advice!
"Madeline Ann Brooks! It is time to get up! We need to leave in less than 20 minutes!" This is what I awoke to, my uptight and always early mother screaming at me to get out of bed. Today we are finally going to my new school! It is a private boarding school, and only the elite and extremely wealthy get into it. I am exceedingly excited about leaving our boring town of Kings County and heading towards Halifax, Canada. I quickly throw on my "Saturday best" which is a pair of khaki pants and a black dress top.

After dressing I run down the 2 flights of stairs that lead to the kitchen where my mum and Drew are waiting.

"Finally, Madeline say good-bye to Drew and we shall be off. I shall wait in the car with Pierre."

When she leaves an uncomfortable silence descends upon us, and when I can no longer bear the silence I say, "So, I guess I will see you again come Christmastime. Good-bye Drew. I shall miss you and mother both."

"Yes, we will miss you too. Make sure you do well at school and don't get into any trouble Maddy. Hmm, well best of luck." And with that I shake his hand and walk out our massive front door.

"You know that he loves you very much," my mother comments as I step into our car.

"Yes, yes, I know." You have told me that numerous times. We drive for what seems like days while the lush scenery flashes by like a silent movie that I capture in my mind for reminders so I shall not become home sick.

Suddenly Pierre comes to a screeching halt. "My goodness Pierre, what is the matter?"

"Sorry Madame. There is something in the road." I try to look out my window but I cannot see what is ahead of us and then a few seconds later what ever was in the road is gone and we continue along our journey.

The cities become smaller and smaller, and the fields become more frequent until we reach a gate with the words, "BOWBUTTON ACADEMY." I notice something peculiar near the bottom of the sign; it looks as if some words were at one time written there. I cannot make out the words and after speaking briefly to a man at the gate Pierre leads us through and we come upon a rolling expanse of land.

The Bowbutton Academy appears to be a medieval castle that has been restored, complete with turrets and a large oak front door. The surrounding fields are lush with wildflowers and fruit trees. Near the back of the Academy I spy what appears to be a soccer field, a row of cabins, and beyond that a pond with a large willow tree providing a wide expanse of shade.

The interior of the castle appears just as I had imagined it. Paintings, and Portraits adorn the walls along with decorative fabrics and statues. Right in front of us is a large desk, with an even larger woman standing behind it. A small queue has formed in front of the desk so my mother and I fall in line behind the other new students.

"Name, age, birthday, parent signature and any other questions or concerns, please." The lady says as she hands my mother a sheet of paper. After filling out the information sheet the plump lady spoke in her nasally voice yet again, "Thank you, umm Miss Brooks? That is correct?" I nod my head and she continues, "Well Miss Brooks you shall be in the, let me see here, the Carl house. If you will give me your belongings I shall have them sent up to your dorm. Mrs. Brooks, terribly sorry but it is time for you to say good-bye and then your daughter needs to return to the Dinning Room for dinner."

My mom and I walk to the huge oak doors, and when I look into her bright green eyes there are tears pooling near the edges.

"Oh mom, I shall be fine. I love it here already!" I say with as much enthusiasm as I can muster for I too am crying on the inside. I will miss you and Drew terribly much.

"Gosh mom, don't cry you will embarrass me. I will do fine, I think you should go now, Pierre is probably bored out of his mind right now." A small chuckle escapes my dear mothers' lips and I feel as if I should burst into tears at any moment. No I cannot cry, not here. I hug her tightly and whisper good-bye. A small tear finally escapes my eye as I watch my closest friend, and dear mother, drive back home.

My eyes are blurred from my imminent tears and I cannot see a thing. When I turn I smack right into someone and end up upon the floor.

"Oh my gosh. I am so terribly sorry! Here can I help you up. Gosh I am such a klutz!" The girl helps me to my feet and I quickly wipe away the tears that have escaped and fallen to my face.

"Again I am terribly sorry. I am Hannah Kalimarski. And you are?"

"Uhhhh... Madeline Brooks, but everyone calls me Maddy." Hannah is gorgeous, but not in a conniving evil cheerleader kind of way. She has silky dark brown hair, a tan yet somewhat fair completion, and to top it off she has pale green eyes. Hannah is also about 2 inches taller than I am and far thinner, but her small child-like face gives her an innocent look.

We head towards the Dinning Room and attempt to make polite conversation with each other. "So, what house are you in Hannah?"

She quickly responds in her excited tone, "Carl, guess what gossip I overheard about the Carl house?" I cannot tell why but a feeling of dread overtakes my stomach for a second when she replies, "I heard that the only person to die here, at the Bowbutton Academy, was in the Carl house!"

Thankfully I do not have to respond to her because a soft, yet powerful voice fills the gargantuan room silencing us within milliseconds, "Now everyone please sit down and I can begin my speech for the new school year." We settle into our seats with our houses and the man continues, "Welcome students, this is a new year, full of knowledge waiting to be learned and fun to be had. Tomorrow you shall get your schedules and begin classes, but as for right now you can begin your feast." The moment he said, "feast" tiny people appear from nowhere and deliver food to our tables.

I eat a generous portion because the day's events have left my stomach empty and craving food. We make small talk with the people in our house until we are released to go to our dorms. Peter, the head of the Carl house stands up and addresses the lot of us.

"Everyone, except the freshmen may go on ahead to the Carl dorms. Ninth graders follow me." Peter leads us through the castle until we reach the third floors' East Wing. The whole East Wing is the Carl dorms, but to gain entry into the wing we have to state the password, "Delfines." We walk through the password-protected door and enter a grand room.

"This is the Carl main room, you are welcome to sit and relax here, do your assignments here, or just about anything you would like to do. Well that is all I have to say to you. Oh wait, I almost forgot. Girls' dormitories are to the right and boys' are to the left. The room assignments are posted upon each door. Now you all may retire to your new rooms. Good-night."

With that the freshmen disperse in order to look for their rooms. Hannah and I walk side-by-side like best friends. I cannot explain why but she gives me a feeling of deep comfort and security.
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