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Seeking light in God, and the journey we all go through depression.
To walk in a wilderness of slated gray sky,
you know not which side to dwell, least of all you die.

The sun has gone away from me, it's hidden in the past.

With true heart's destiny, what more can I have.
Frozen agony of memories past, they leave me not alone.

The haze that has blinded my pure sight,
how long has my naiveté been lost in twilight.

I walk alone in hollowed withered hills, the fall comes quickly,
Without a flame of hope, fragile soul's piece does shatter.

The skies grow darker without a breath from me.
I am still alive ... or is it death you see?

A white noise fills my brain, covering up distant pain.
I need someone to hold a light, to make it through this night.

My tattered soul's faded thin, I grasp for warmth from within.

I need someone to stand with, maybe carry me;
I am lost, and I can not see!

Tears run hot, and heavy upon my placid skin,
desperation drives a need to pray deep within.

I will dine upon humble pie, to pierce my troubled times.
A flare of hope I do see, but will it still shine when it looks at me?

Let a simple servant, touch a piece of your light.
Hold me up, as you always have, I am flailing in this fight.

Spark my soul to a flame, bring me alive, but not the same.
Scars on beauty within are not seen...a covering facial scheme.

Please lift me up, for I fell again today!
Souls knees are scraped, heart is hurting, I'm in pain!

Are all the angels gone from me?

Please send one if you see fit, I'll only need them for a bit.
I just really need one moment, a chance to shine again.

Without you flint-ed gray is all I see,
hold me tight, don't ever leave me.
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