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A Tarot reading ...

                    Psalm 147:12-15;

                            Praise the Lord, O Jerusalem
                                Praise your God, O Zion!
                            For he strengthens the bars of your gates;
                                he blesses your sons within you.
                            He makes peace in your borders;
                                he fills you with the finest of the wheat.
                            He sends forth his command to the earth;
                                his word runs swiftly.

          What are you reading?

          Hmm? Oh, my mums little prayer book.

                      Sandra exstends her right hand to me. I take her hand
          and we walk into her reading room. She takes out a Tarot deck
          and asks me to shuffle it. I cut it three times.

                      Her reading is strange to me. She places all the cards
          face up: until there are several rows infront of her. I ask her where
          is the Tree of Life? She smiles and explains she is reading the deck.

                      Sandra tells me I will be sucessfull in my life. I ask how?
          She offers a special crystal cleansing to free me of my demons.
          I ask what kind of demons?

                      "You have an incubus and a poltergiest." she is very serious.
          "Welllll, I am a little clumsy when I'm horny." she is not amused by
          my responce. ... . "This mischief will cause you trouble."

                      I ponder Sandra's lovely bosom. . "Good point." I shrug.
          "Will I have a lover?" my eyes focus on hers. ..  She turns the Devil.
          "That's not good." I stare at the two lovers chained to the Devil's block.

                    "This card can read as passion." She smiles. .. "Do you love
          another man's woman?"  I smile, "Erin Go Braugh!"  Sandra leans
          back, running her thumb along the side of the deck.

                      She turns the King of Wands. She smiles. . "You are most
          confused about love.".... I knod.  She turns the Queen of Cups. ...
          She smiles wide baring her teeth... "Be carefull what you wish for."

                      Finally, the Page of Cups is drawn... "A triangle?" I ask.
          She draws the three of hearts: three swords piercing a heart... ..
          "This love is very passionate... can you bare it?".. I shrug.

                      Sandra gives me her card with phone number, "Call me
          if you should consider a cleansing." The Seven of Wands is turned:
          "You are fighting many, but the Ace of Pentacles shows your triumph"

          I leave and consider Sandra's $200.00 offer for a crystal cleansing.
          Maybe, just a shower... with @IrishSpring.

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