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A motivational speech on the eve of battle
Cry havoc now, me hearties, and let slip the dogs of war.
They brought the scent of blood with them unto our peaceful shore.
And if they wish to dance with steel, best see your blade is sharp,
For we shall weave a deadly round to tune of fife and harp.

Cry vengeance now, ye sons of thanes, untested on the field,
Yer courage, or yer lack thereof, will shortly be revealed.
And if ye are found wantin' when them arrows black the sky,
Then rest assured there be a lot of worse ways men can die .

Cry anguish now, ye orphaned whelps, for all what ye have lost.
The right to live unfettered dinna come without a cost.
So best ye throw yer shoulders back and never wonder twice,
If what yer fathers built here is befittin' of the price.

Cry freedom now, me boyos, as ye stumble off to sleep.
Remember ye were raised as men and not the get of sheep.
We willna follow meekly if 'tis slaughter lies ahead,
The only way this ends is when it's us or them that's dead.

Cry longing now, ye bonnie wives, and watch ye o'er the bairns.
And pray ye'll not be gatherin' the stones to build our cairns.
But if that be our fate, then know, we met it heads held high.
And never let the sacrifice we made pass idly by.

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