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Links to my haikus in various folders, along with the description of this form.

BASIC FACTS ABOUT HAIKU: editor’s pick---"BASIC FACTS ABOUT HAIKU: editor's pick, 10 April 2008
[Basic information about haiku.]

FALLING LEAVES: a haiku--award winner. "FALLING LEAVES: a haiku--award winner 14 October 2003
[Departure of the nurtured]

DROPPED LEAVES: a haiku--award winner. "DROPPED LEAVES: a haiku--award winner, 14 October 2003
[Departure of the loved ones]

MOUNTAINS: a haiku---"Invalid Item, 12 March 2006
[The old mountains, tranquil and challenging]

THE NEST: a haiku--award winner. "THE NEST: a haiku--award winner, 10 June 2007
[Parents should build the home and nurture the children, but not hold on to them.]

SUMMER: a haiku--"SUMMER:a haiku, 21 July 2007
[The cycle of summer and snow, warm hearts and tears]

HAIKU OF HUNGER: award winner --"HAIKU OF HUNGER: award winner, 28 February 2008
[A hungry man's dream]

WINTER: a haiku--"WINTER: a haiku, 1 March 2008
[A haiku about winter]

WANT AND HAPPINESS: haiku-- award winner."WANT AND HAPPINESS: haikus--award winner, 14 March 2008
[Wants tend to increase. Happiness comes when want goes.]

ROSES AND THORNS: a haiku—award winner. "ROSES AND THORNS:haiku-award winner, 15 May 2008
[The pain of love is remembered better through thorns than roses.]

DIVINITY AND DIGNITY: haikus—award winner. "DIVINITY AND DIGNITY: haikus, 17 May 2008
[Haikus of divinity.]

THE CYCLE OF LIFE: haikus—award winner. "THE CYCLE OF LIFE: haikus--award winner , 25 July 2008
[Three life phases, in three haikus.]

EMOTIONS AND TEARS: haikus—"EMOTIONS AND TEARS: haikus--award winner , 26 July 2008
[Tears deserve respect. They reflect emotions.]

WHEN THE PATH IS LOST: haiku—Editor’s pick. "WHEN THE PATH IS LOST: haikus--Ed-pick, 15 August 2008
[When it’s dark, look inward; you will be taken forward.]

SUMMER HAIKU—"SUMMER HAIKU: award winner , 20 August 2008
[Winter gone, summer is here, and along with it comes cheer.]

THOUGH ALL MAY SEEM LOST: haikus—award winner—"THOUGH ALL MAY SEEM LOST: haikus--winner ,
15 September 2008
[Don’t lose courage and faith. Things will change.]

NEST: haiku – " NEST: haikus , 21 November 2008
[The bird builds the nest. The birdlings, for whom it is made, abandon both.]

SILENT CRIES: haiku poem—"SILENT CRIES, 18 January 2009
[Cries unheard that stir and cease.]

M C Gupta
10 April 2008

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