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The intro of a story of mercy, justice and a mother's worst decision imaginable.
So you have a choice. And you have to make it now. Except, you're not deciding what shoes will go with which outfit, or which movie to rent for the weekend. You're not deciding between buying a lemon or Portuguese tart, or whether eating the dessert will make your thighs bigger or not. You're deciding whether or not a person's life is worth living. Whether or not that person's life is worth taking.

And what's worse? You can't put it off either. You can't wait for a few days to think about it, to have your brain search every nook and cranny of the situation, to find even the tiniest mouse hole of a way out. You can't wait for someone else to make the decision for you either, even though it isn't really yours to make. You can't wait because right now, someone you love is kneeling before you, with a fear in their eyes you have never seen before. They're pleading with you to make the right decision. Please, please, please. But you have no idea what the meaning of right is. Do you?

So what would you do? Would you ask God for help? Ask him for a heavenly sign to give you guidance and a resolution. Or would you turn away from him, knowing within you, that if ever such a great power existed, you would never be standing with a knife in your hand, pointing it squarely at the heart of your daughter.
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