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Allow me so introduce you to another side.. don't be surprised.

New York City..........."The Big Apple, the city that never sleeps."

All names to describe a place that houses a separate community within itself
. You would think of stars, fame, and the whole nine yards.

Never do see the run down, gutted,abandoned buildings,
where the lost disillusioned
souls of the street lay their weary heads..

On one corner a junkie bobs back and forth in his chemical nod.
Never losing balance, oblivious to the falling snow, or howling

A garbage can fire warms the hands of five faceless entities
their only source of heat.

A mother pushes her stroller heavily through the hard packed snow,
hurrying her brood past the wine drinking, loud, smelly caricatures
of what once were men.

Uncollected trash, mounds of dirty snow, beggars on every corner, unheated apatments, hungry babies, battered women..................

Welcome to the ghetto..
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