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This is on Debt and how it affects you, written by you and for you. myspace.com/jaharned

Life Stories

This is a book written by you and for you to share your stories of what you have gone through. 
We will put your story in with your by line on it if selected.

Each book will have a theme and a different theme to each chapter.
We keep this book family oriented.

I will be doing research and giving comments on every bodies stories according to the what is found on the subject at hand.

The first book will be on Debt how you got into debt, what you did about it, and if your out of debt how you did it.

Chapters on different subjects

Out on your own
when you first got out on your own, how old you where?  how did you handle it?
What was your first debt? was it a loan? credit card?

Marriage and Money
When you first married how did you combine your bills
Who handled the money and why?

Did anyone put a side a savings of any kind?
Start an Emergency fund?

First House
Did you put a down payment on one? 
How did you finance it?
What type of Mortgage?
fixed, variable, balloon

Credit Cards
What was your first one?
Were you responsible with it?
Did you charge everything and run up a bill you can't pay?

These are some of the subjects in the book
please send your story with your email so if chosen I can send a release for you to sign.

please email to: djharned@hotmail.com

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