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by Gaby
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A credo is a paper that has your beliefs on it and mine does, just not all of them.
www.google.com, images, advanced image search, (pause) earth. click on that image that just looks like a black square, make it bigger. you see that tiny little blue dot in the middle of nothing? that looks like it could be mistaken for a piece of dust? thats us. thats where all of are problems happen day to day. the wars we fight at, the birthday parties we attend to, the schools we learn at, (pause) are all squished into that tiny blue dot on your screen. if we were to actually look at that dot from outer space, would we actually think about what we are? or would we take a couple pictures and forget about it tomorrow morning as you get ready to go to work?
The world as we know it, is not what we think. it will not be here for as long as we assume (pause) we will not be here for as long as we assume. we have to take advantage of the time that we're given because we wont really miss it until its actually gone. not just you, everyone, earth, and everything its in.
i dont think everyone realizes it, but the human race is extremely advanced. think about it. the car you drove in to get here, the clothes you're wearing, the seats you're sitting in (pause) are all made out of star dust. all of it. somehow, people have mangaed to create everything around us into a society that we like to call home. now we all know that people are born and die each day. we also know that each person lives a different life. but what we dont know or seem to think about is why. why are we here? well obviously organisms evolved into us, but we're the only planet with life forms on it and we dont really seem to take that into a count. why are people continually being born, continually destroying eachother, continually going nowhere? Why are we here on earth? Do we have a purpose? Or is this whole human race thing just a phase? It could be, we could become extinct and then who knows what would happen to planet earth. You or i may not know what our purpose here on earth is or if we even have one. But it will only take time until someone has discovered what our purpose is in between all the other useless things we do everyday. We have to. (Pause) what would be the point, of humans being created if we just spent our time alive doing meaningless things? So the solution to this could be hope. Our pursose could be hope. Hope to become aware of our surroundings and to keep the planet we live on thriving forever. Without hope where would we be, or go? So ultimitaley, (pause) hope is what we, the human race, is striving for.
You may think that what you do is important, but it really isnt. anything that you accomplish, what is it really leading to in the end? the mysteries of earth, life, and of you and me are still hidden, maybe by a star or the moon, but all you have to do is look around them.
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