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by spojaw
Rated: E · Script/Play · Children's · #1413865
A script intended for K-3d graders with songs in the script.
Story Script:  "MOTHER GOOSE"  by Sandy Toms

Songs (unless otherwise indicated) can be found in library books.  These rhymes have been set to music many times.

Song: "OLD MOTHER GOOSE" by Sandy Toms  (to obtain copy, go to my website: http://www.freshpond.net/uploads/users/5/User_5961/MyFiles/index.html and click on email) 

Elizabeth: (seated on throne, to ladies) "Please fetch me my pussycat. I shall want to
                                                                  play with her."
Lady 1,2,3,4: Yes your Majesty, right away.  (all 4 ladies walk in 4 directions and appear to
                                                                                          search for cat)
Elizabeth: "Well, come, come now.  It can't be that difficult to look for a cat.  After all, a
                    cat is much bigger than a rat!"  (ladies return to face Elizabeth)
Lady 1: "But my Lady, I cannot find her.  She must be in the kitchen drinking cream
                from her dish."
Lady 2: "No, I'm afraid she's not there.  The cook says she has not seen her all day!"
Lady 3: "Then the problem is solved.  She must be in the garden chasing butterflies."
Lady 4: "No, I'm sorry to say.  Please forgive me but she isn't there either.  The gardener
                says only the dogs are there and he says they would have chased her had she
Elizabeth: "Then please call my soldiers immediately." (to audience) "I wonder at times
                    whether I rule England or my cat rules me!"  (ladies return to risers and soldiers 
                                                                                                                appear and kneel before Elizabeth)
Soldiers:  "We are at your service your Majesty."
Elizabeth: "My cat has gone missing.  Search the country high and low, in and out, around and about and return to me with good news."                 
Soldiers: "Yes your Majesty."  (soldiers return to risers) (Professor 1 moves to stage front)
Professor 1: "Hearts like doors will open with ease to very, very little keys.
                  And don't forget that two of them are ‘I thank you' and ‘If you please.'"
(Nine professors  move to front of stage to tell about this rhyme)
Scholar 1: Did you know that there was a game called Humpty Dumpty?
Scholar 2: It used to be a riddle and the answer was "an egg."
Scholar 3: The name "Humpty Dumpty" is "Boule, Boule" in France.
Scholar 4:  In Finland, Humpty's name is Hillerin-Lillerin.
Scholar 5: People who study rhymes are called scholars. Scholars believe that Humpty
                      Dumpty is actually thousands of years old! 
Scholar 6: "Humpty Dumpty" was also the name for an adult drink! 
Scholar 7 : (You won't catch me asking for a silly drink like that!)
(Seated on the throne is Old King Cole, at his side standing is his footman)
King Cole: "I am tired of work. I should like to hear some music. Please call my
Footman: "Yes your Majesty.  They are practicing in the great hall. I'll call them   
                    immediately." (footman walks to side of one riser and returns with fiddlers)
Fiddler 1: "Sir we are here at your command. We know several tunes to play.  What
                    would you like to hear?"
Fiddler 2: "We can play lullabies, or folk songs, or art songs, or troubadour songs, or
                    ballads or love songs.  These we are able to play!"
Fiddler 3: "But we can't play rap.  No, we can't play rap and we won't play rap. We're
                    just made not made to move like that."
King Cole: "I beg your pardon.  Wrap what? My gift  -  -  you have a gift for me you've
                    wrapped.......how kind of you!"
Fiddler 1:  "Please forgive our friend here dear King.  He's (to Fiddler 3 sarcastically)
                        IN THE WRONG CENTURY!"
King Cole: "Very well then. Carry on."
"OLD KING COLE"  (Scholar 2 moves to stage front)
Professor 2: "For every evil under the sun, there is a remedy or there is none. 
                      If there be one, try and find it;  If there be none, never mind it.!"
(Wee Willie Winkie stands with candle in hand on one side of stage, Soldier 1 approaches him from other side)
Soldier 1:  "Excuse me sir but I am looking for the queen's cat. Have you seen a white
                    cat in this village?"
Wee Willie: "No I have not and I'm much too busy to bother with those silly felines.
                      I must be on my way.  I've calls to make.  Now please excuse me."
Soldier 1: "Thank you for your time. Good evening."
Wee Willie: (walking away, calling with hand to mouth) "Eight O'Clock.  All is well. All
                      good children to bed."


(2 Townspeople stand talking together & from the other side Soldier 2 is approaching)
Townsperson 1: (to Townsperson 2) "I've heard the Queen is coming to our town soon."
Townsperson 2: "She won't come now, look! (points someplace above audience) We may not
                              have a town left for her to visit!" 
Soldier 2: "Good afternoon, ______________.  Please excuse me but have you seen a
                    grey cat with fluffy fur in or around this town?"
Townsperson 1: "No I haven't and I must hurry.  We've a fire to attend to and I have to
                              get my bucket." (exits)
Townsperson 2: "Neither I.  Please come with us.  We need every hand we can get."
Soldier 2: "Well, this sounds more like soldier's work anyway. Let us depart." (both exit)


(Tom and Soldier 3 on opposite sides of stage)

Soldier 3: "Good day sir.  I am searching for the Queen's cat.  She is a black and white
                  Tuxedo cat with a pink nose.  Have you seen such an animal in these parts?"
Tom: (singing his lines) "No sir (gently blows flute) I have not (blows again) But I must be on my
                                    Way." (blows again).
Soldier 3: "Thank you sir and have a merry day."
Tom: (singing while bowing)  "And you sir also!"  (both exit)


(Simple Simon, pieman on side of stage, soldier 4 on other side)

Simple Simon: (to pieman)  "Sir, could you please allow me to taste your goods.  Those
                                          pies look especially tasty and I've not had one in many a day."
Pieman: "Sir, I will be glad to lighten my load but unfortunately, these foods do not
                come without cost. Please make an exchange, give me some pence and then
                my efforts will not be lost."
Simple Simon  (pulls out both empty pockets)
Pieman: "Then sir, our business is concluded." (exits)
Soldier 4: (to Simon)  "Sir, high and low have I searched for the silly brown calico feline
                      that belongs to our Queen.  In your travels, have you seen such a creature?"
Simple Simon: "No sir, I have not.  By the way, you don't have a "Big Mac" or maybe a
                          ‘Whopper' on you, do you?" (Soldier 4 looks puzzled)
Simple Simon: (lifts hands and shrugs shoulders; both exit)

"SIMPLE SIMON"  (Scholar 3 move to stage front)

Professor 3: "One thing at a time and that done well, is a very good rule as many can

(Narrator moves to stage front)
Narrator: "Meanwhile back at the castle......"  (show with hand, Queen who is sitting on throne leaning forward looking out imaginary window)

"OUT MY WINDOW" .....T. Jennings

(Reenter 4 Ladies in Waiting, 4 soldiers; they approach Queen with 4 different cats)

Elizabeth: "Why Pussy, you've returned and brought your friends! How delightful!"


Narrator: "Now you may wonder which cat was the Queen's? Who can tell? She
                    actually had more than one!  And finally as all things are and will always be,
                    all good things must come to an end."


33 Roles:  (with number of lines)
Elizabeth I - 7;  Ladies in Waiting: #1 - 2, #2 - 2, #3 - 2, #4 - 3;  Soldiers: 2 together;
Humpty Dumpty Scholars: #1,2,3,4,6,8,9 all 1 line,  #5, 7- 2 lines; Old King Cole - 3;
Fiddlers #1 - 3,  #2 - 2,  #3 -  2;  Footman - 2;  Professors #1-3 - 2 lines each;
Soldier #1 - 3, #2 - 3, #3 - 3, #4 - 2;  Wee Willie Winkie - 3;  Tom - 2 (sung);
Townspeople: #1 - 2,  #2 - 2;  Simple Simon - 4;  Pieman - 3;  Narrator -  3;

© Copyright 2008 spojaw (spojaw at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
Writing.Com, its affiliates and syndicates have been granted non-exclusive rights to display this work.
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