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List of Vocabulary for my Genesis course
Vocabulary List

Pliant - easily bent or flexed, adaptable. 

She told them to find a mixture which was pliant enough to mold into the shape that they wanted.

Impecunious - poor, lacking money

There was no way that an impecunious gentleman such as himself would have been able to afford such a purchase.

Innocuous - harmless, not likely to provoke strong emotion, having no adverse effect.

The lady sat in the parlour entertaining her guests with innocuous remarks not likely to cause any ill feeling.

Bereft - deprived of something; lacking something needed or expected.

At that moment the teller was bereft of any sense of humour.

Nonpareil - having no equal, peerless

The school's nonpareil artist stood up to speak.

Redolence - a pleasantly sweet olfactory property; bouquet

The moonlight and the redolence of the garden flowers made the evening especially poignant.

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