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Rated: 13+ · Non-fiction · Relationship · #1414187
A girl who is an aboriginal, lives a horrible life. she struggles through an awful life.
Till Sunlight Shines
We live in the village. It's harsh here. People are always carrying on, people feeling sorry for them selves for having a bad life. But ours is worse. The winds are violent, the sky is dark, and we are different. When my brother Johnson and I were born, our parents were tortured and killed. All we were left with was one tiny room made out of wood. The windows don't open, the door doesn't lock, the floors have cracks which croak, and the violent winds get through our walls. There is no food nor water, no furniture or clothing. All there is, is three aboriginals, Grandmother, Jhonson and I Myla. The village is awful, no body respects us. We are always tormented. Grandmother is 62 yrs old, so I always keep her inside, away from the people, and away from the weather. Then there's 7 yr old Johnson, he's always upset, so I look after him, I make sure that they both always stay inside our tiny room. Usually, we have to sit at the door so no one comes in. It's sad a lot, no one cares anymore. Especially about us. So I wonder, what could be next? Anything could happen. My Grandmother has many disabilities, I try to help her. But nothing will ever work. I look after her. My Grandmother has no elderly support, my brother can't attend school because of laws against us, and I do not have a job. I need a job urgently. All we have is $3, but no one will accept me for a job. My life is constantly cold and sad. It's because we are aboriginals, no one will accept us like other people, neither will they respect us. I worry everyday. But now my brother must keep against the door, and my Grandmother must keep on the floor. I continue searching for anything as I have all my life. Absolutely anything, I'm desperate, all my luck so far today is simple, a bottles lid and an old newspaper. Even these have satisfied me. I run back to our tiny room and deliver Grandmother the items, she reads the half torn newspaper while my brother flicks around the bottle lid. Even though we're happy with my little efforts today, the sky is still dull, and the wind is still howling. My brother cries, but I must go, I must continue searching. I try to hide from the people. If they see me, they stare at me with their nasty faces then they swear at me and poke me with their pointy finger tips, I must run at this stage or my soul will for good. I continue searching, I find something, something that never should of happened, it's my brothers clothes with blood stains all over them. I must hurry, I hear yells for help. I creep behind a bush, four grown up men are bashing him up terribly, I can't go to help him just yet, or else I'll end up like him, I feel tears running down my face as I watch them stabbing him with sticks and throwing rocks at him. They could kill him, but I mustn't go out there, no, not until they leave. 20 minutes later, they ran off laughing. So I ran to him. He is unconscious. So I carry him quickly back to the room. The doctors will not help, the police will take no action. I lay him down inside on the floor. I tell my grandmother to shut her eyes, yet I can hear her trying not to cry. I have no choice, it hurts me to have to do this, but I must help him, so I keep slapping his face, I then open the door and allow the violent wind to get to him, then I nick someone's cup of water and I throw it onto him. I yell and yell at him. He will not wake up. So I lay him on his side and I shut the door. My grandmother is upset, but there's no more I can do. I again leave him. I continue searching, my nerves are shaking, I am afraid. I have no choice, I cry as I steal a rug off a baby. I now lay the rug down inside. I lay Johnson onto the rug. My Grandmother knows I stole it, but she keeps silent. My Grandmother falls asleep crying, my brother is still asleep. But I cannot sleep. Not while they are. So I go outside with the $3 dollars. I spend it on a loaf of bread and a bucket of water. It's more like a wish then a favor. The price is so low since the fact that the bread is moldy. But it's all we have to eat. My brother is now awakening. I give him one pinch of bread. And I put a pinch of bread in my Grandmother's hand, I'll help her to eat it when she wakes up. My brother tells me that he remembers searching for me, but he cannot remember why. He is paining all over. He is pale and badly sweating. I gently place water onto his face. He cries. I ask him what is wrong, this time it is worse, as I place the water onto his face, I notice a bigger hand mark on the wall. It wasn't ours. Johnson and I were not involved with it, so someone has done something to Grandmother. I feel her face, it's cold and she is blue, I feel her pulse...She doe's not have one. My Brother knew, it was what he was searching for me for. I slowly pull the pinch of bread from her hand. Her body collapses onto the floor. My brother cries. I can see flies around her body. I squeeze my brother's hand, and I tell him, "It'll be ok".
                                              The End         
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