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by Dan
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the power of word we speak and what they could do.

      The reason why we are the way we are, is not a fault from anybody around us or from any circumstance we find our self. Too many time the out come of our lives or what certain life turn out tend to be blame on parent, relatives, society, circumstance or situations. I boldly say with great assurance and confidence that none of these factors is to be blame for whatever any life turns out to be.
      What you are, who you are right now is nobody's fault and "your present status right now is the product of your mouth). Your mouth has kept you in the position where you are right now. You never said anything good about youself, your mouth always speak the wrong words. You've said certain things ignorantly, not minding the gravity of the words you say, you do not know that the words you say to yourself have great effect on your life and now you are reaping the fruit of own mouth and you want to blame it on someone, no way: You are the product of your own confection it's neither your parent's fault nor any of your relatives. The words you've been speaking is the reason you are the way you are God will not do anything when you don't peek according to his words  because there is a standard He has set for you but all you do is put yourself below that that standard by the reason of the words that proceed out of your mouth. I want you to understand      that you have the exact nature of God. When God was about to exhibit one of his very nature on earth it was words he used. He used words to bring about every thing we see to-day in human existence. So if you can't speak the right words don't expect to see situations change for good.
      Situations will only change for the better for you when you put to use your creative enunciation rightly. Know this; you have in you the ability to recreate with your mouth.
[The Old Testament spoke of the word of God as the divine agent in creation of the universe.] So use your word it carries in it enough power to bring about change in your environment in your life, your academics your business and in every aspect of you life. Though you may not be able to change the world but you can change your own world by drawing the bases of your confection from the word of God.
    For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword,     
    Piercing even to the dividing as under of soul and spirit, an joint morrow, and is discerner of     
    the thoughts and intents of the heart.

      Once the strength of your confession is drawn from the word of God then you can be rest assured. Because that is the only sources that is hundred percent reliable. Speak the word; say what God sees about you and say what God says about you if you do your life will never remain the same again. Stop blaming people you are the only one who has the right to determine what your life should be like.
      Say what God's word says about you, let not positive confection about yourself depth from your mouth, keep saying what you desire don't stop saying it. That transformation you need, the change you desire will come by the confection of your mouth. That growth you are experiencing in your body can only live when you have come to understand that Christ has healed you long ago and if you know that all you need to do is get it by the confection of your mouth. Open your mind to the reality in the word of God. I want you to know that you have the very nature of God; you have his DNA so if God spoke things into existence you have the same ability to do the same. You are the master over situations, circumstances will bow to you, you are the over comer, exercises your authority by making use of your mouth confess what you desire to see and keep saying it I assure you that is what you will see.
Speak as the over comer that you are.   
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