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A high school student who makes an impact on his community.
Things started out fine. When he woke up that morning it was a normal day. When this normal high school student woke up out of his bed he never would have guessed the greatness that would lie before him. His plans for the day were simple. He walked casually and calmly to his downstairs kitchen where he met his housewife mother and businessman father for breakfast. Bacon and eggs, the same breakfast everyday. He would never admit it but he was kind of tired of the same breakfast everyday. He would never tell his parents that.
His father was just finishing his food when he checked his watch. It was much past time for him to leave for work. He gave his wife a soft kiss on the check and rubbed his hand on his son's hair as he walked by with his jet-black suit and briefcase. This normal high school student took his place at the table while his mother placed a plate in front of him. Bacon, eggs, and toast, a breakfast of champions. Well let the champions have it was all he could think. He ate his food gratefully but reluctantly.
         Being a Saturday there would be no school but this student was still quite busy. Within the last few months he had been trying to secure a job at the local newspaper. He had dreamed of being a journalist since he was a kid. It seemed like a strange dream for a child but it was what he wanted. While other kids dreamed of being a fireman or astronaut this child was interviewing family and friends. Most found it cute. He had always given himself credit for sticking with the same dream. While most kids moved on to work in family business or employ at a fast food restaurant, he stuck to his motivation and pursued his dream. Today was the day he would have his job interview. The local newspaper was hiring and being his senior year with college in mind he filled out an application and was determined to get the job.
         After finishing breakfast he quickly got dressed, grabbed his cell-phone and car keys, and walked out into the bright morning sun. He was quick to pull out his cell-phone and dial a very familiar number. He watched carefully as he cycled through his phone numbers even though he could find it blindfolded. It was a number he had called so many times before. When he got to the number he stopped and just stared at it for a view brief seconds. The number of his high school sweetheart, the shining light in his life. The heat from the burning sun on his skin couldn't compare to the warmth he felt for this girl. He pressed the send button and listened to the ringing in his ear.
         The phone rang and there was no answer. Her voicemail came up and he left a message telling her to meet him at the mall food court at four o'clock. He then hung up the phone, got into the driver side of his car, and pulled out of the driveway heading deeper into town. With his favorite station on the radio, he drove through the town heading for his job interview. The small suburban houses flew past his windshield, with their bright green lawns, and children playing. It was a neighborhood that could only seem happy. It didn't take him long to find the building. He had drove past it many times in the past on his way to school. Every now and then he would stop in and just sit in the main room and take in the environment. It was this students dream to work for a big newspaper, and it seemed as though that chance was nearly there. Pulling up to the newspaper office he parked his car and went inside.
         The patient student didn't need to wait long. He had shown up early to the interview and they had plenty of free time to fit him in early. He met with the head manager of the department and asked some general questions to begin with. The manager asked him about his goals and schooling. Then came the talk about college and his future planning. The exuberant student was not nervous at all and had an answer for every question. After he finished telling the department manager about his future plans, he asked this young man what his outlook and plans for this career was. This was the easiest question for the student to answer yet. He had been planning this moment ever since he was a young child. He answered with grace and the interview came to an end. They both arose from their chairs at the same time, exchanged handshakes, and the confident student left with a smile on his face, knowing the interview had gone well.
         As he walked out of the newspaper office his cell-phone began to ring. He answered it with a calm "hello," and listened for the voice on the other line. When it came he realized it was the soft soothing voice of his sweetheart. She wanted to meet with him right away at the mall to talk about something important. His heart rose just hearing the sound of her voice. They said their I love yous' and hung up the phone. It was at this time that he felt his stomach rumble. Looking across the street he saw a convenience store that he often shopped at. He had already opened the door to his car so he decided to close it and walk across the street to grab a bite to eat. On his way over he had much on his mind. The job interview, finishing school, and most of all, the special gift he had for his sweetheart in his pocket. The whole reason he wanted to see her. He walked inside and bought a small bag of chips and a soda. Anything to fill his craving.
         He walked out of the store and began to cross the street. His mind wasn't there. He was thinking about his sweetheart's gift. He wasn't paying attention. He had reached into his pocket and pulled out her gift and began to eyeball knowing what he was going to do. He should have been paying attention. He didn't see the car, and the driver didn't see him. So now he lays on the road on what would have been the greatest day of his life. He had no idea what greatness he had created this day with the end of his life. He had brought a community together to mourn. He had shown his sweetheart that no matter what she cherishes it would one day be gone. He had shown a local newspaper that he had what it took to do the job. As he lay on the road, his hand stretched out, and an engagement ring fell out of his hand onto the road.
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