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A jar with candy hears gossip in a store and then a new life begins with sad news.
I live on a counter in Bob's General Store. There are groceries, bins of nails, sewing materials, fishing rods and stinky bait.

I am a glass jar of peppermint sticks. Some children can't afford two cents for them. Wish I could hand them out but the boss likes to make money. I have been here twenty years. Bob keeps me filled up.

I know all the news. Betty Sue Hawkins is getting married in two weeks. "She's in the family way".
Johnny Timbers is in trouble, he's been caught "sippin on the job".

Then there is the Dobbins family. Fred Dobbins "can't keep a job". His wife, Linda, is "different looking". They have five little children who stare at our toys and candy with wide sad eyes. Susie is five with curly dark hair. She smiles and talks to everyone.

Bob said today that he is getting rid of me. He's not making a profit on candy. I suppose he will wait until after Christmas. Bob isn't much on decorations and at least I am red and white.

Doris Wheeler comes in, "Bob, did ya hear, that little Dobbins girl, Susie, hit by a car? They don't have money for a decent funeral. Guess she'll lay in a pauper's grave."

Bob looks at me and scratches his head. He writes on a slip of paper "Please put in donations for Susie Dobbins white casket". He empties out the candy and puts twenty bucks in. Ms. Wheeler sighs and complains, "I really can't afford it but guess I should do something". She puts in a five. By the end of the week, I was full of money.

Bob took me to the grieving Dobbins house full of money for that casket. The scraggly tree had some home made ornaments, popcorn strings but no presents to be seen.
Bob grunted, looked around the sparse home and shook his head. "Susie was a sweet little girl. Sorry for your loss."
He handed over the money.

Now, I am the "Friendship Jar" and never empty. There is always something happening in our community.

By Kathie Stehr
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