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Valerie is a vampire hunter by blood,but can she overcome her feelings...

    Chapter one

         Valerie stood on the top step of the abandoned, run down house. Her small bag sat on her right hip concealing the small silver dagger on her belt. Her flimsy shirt revealed her pink, rosy flesh. Her neck curved up almost perfectly to meet her rounded face.
         Pushing the door open softly the smell of blood and iron wafted out into the cool night air. Her nose began to twitch at the familiar smell of death, yet this did not seem to make her hesitate one bit. Her hand moved to her right hip as she walked farther into the dimly lit hallway.
         The sound of laughter reached her ears as she neared what would have been a living room if it weren't for the fact that it was now occupied by blood thirsty vampires. Striding past the wall blocking her view of the vampires, Valerie made herself look as innocent as possible deliberately trying to throw off the unsuspecting blood fiends reminiscing with each other.
         The music she had not heard as she was silently walking down the hallway blasted loudly through the black boom box adding beat to each step she took. Two dusty couches had been shoved against a wall, each occupied by vampires and humans.
         "I got an invite," She exclaimed to the nearest vampire she could reach" my name is Valerie."
         "Mines Victor," He replied back evenly, concentrating more on her neck than on her face. He was handsome and she thought he may be at least seventeen. His nose fit his face perfectly and his lips were only a fine slit above his chin. Jet black hair seemed to sprout like wildflowers covering his forehead and the back of his neck in darkness, but his eyes caught her main attention. They were like black pools of blood, and the thought of it made her shiver. Abnormally handsome for a vampire, yet she felt she could never fall in love with him because of what he was. She couldn't even think why that thought had crossed her mind!
         "Come sit next to me Valerie," He still talked smoothly without a hint of malice in his voice" I miss the warmth of a human body." Valerie's lips almost parted into a scowl, but she regained control over her composure and feelings. Nothing kept her from wanting to swipe that smile off his smug face. She sat down next to him catching a whiff of blood on his breath.
         Flipping open a cell phone she checked the time and took a small bottle of water from her small brown leather bag. It was eleven forty and it was almost time for the feeding, but some of the weaker vampires couldn't wait and were already sucking the life slowly out of the humans sitting next to them. Contented to watch she leaned closer into Victor letting her head rest on his shoulder, so he could have a better view of her long neck.
         She almost wanted him to take a bite right then and there so she could stick a knife in his back. However, she waited for the right moment when all the others were busy sucking on there delicious human treats. She stood five minutes before midnight and beckoned for Victor to follow her into another room, not even checking if he followed.
         Climbing up the creaking stairs he nuzzled her neck with small kisses and let his hands travel around her waist. Laughing at his touch Valerie led him into a large room where a third couch sagged on the room's left wall. Sitting down near the middle of the couch she cupped his face in the palm of his hands and kissed him deeply making sure he didn't see the knife she had managed to sneak off her belt. Letting go of his strong embrace she curved her neck so that he could finally suck her dry of life itself, and at the same time lifting the knife into the air aiming for the top of his neck.
         Lips closing on her neck let her know it was time to make the kill and her face contorted into a thing of rage. The knife slashed down killing the vampire in seconds leaving him forever staring at the world with teeth bared, like a feral beast.
         Wiping her blade on his coat she bent down and kissed him on the cheek.
         "That's what happens to people who try to play me into dying asshole." She said to herself. Turning toward the door she came face to face with a vampire she hadn't seen in the room below.
         "What the hell did you do to him?" the vampire yelled. Valerie gave him one last look before grasping his head in her hand and knocking him out with one punch.  She would have killed him, but there was no time. She could already hear the footsteps coming up the stairs.
         Running to the nearest window Valerie jumped through cutting up her unprotected arms and almost breaking her leg as she landed hard wheezing on the grass.
She had to be more careful next time; she had made so many mistakes. Getting off the ground she ran to her red convertible and started the engine.
                "Next time I'll kill all you bastards," she said aloud" I promise!" Hitting the car into reverse Valerie accelerated down the street, into the hazy night.

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