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Is it really the last stop? (2011 Pill Hill's Daily Flash Anthology)
* Originally created for "The Dialogue 500, this will be published in the 2011 Daily Flash Anthology by Pill Hill Press

Last Stop

"Last stop!  Last stop on the line!  Everybody off."


"Honey, are you sure this is where we're supposed to be?  It doesn't look like I expected."

"Of course it's right.  Besides, he said it was the last stop."

"I know, I know, but still..."

"You worry too much.  Here, I've got the directions...  Go to the church... we did that... take a right turn and then follow the narrow street straight to the end.  See, we did all that and the train was right there.  You really do worry too much."
"But are you sure we didn't take a wrong turn somewhere?  Sheesh, it is so hot."

"I told you not to wear that jacket.  Anyway, I'm absolutely positive we're in the right place.  Can we please just talk about something else?"

"OK.  OK.  Where is everybody?  Do we have to walk somewhere?"

"We're just supposed to wait here, and they'll come to get us.  It's not our problem."


"Honey, I was thinking on the train...  Are you sure we shouldn't have told Susie about..."

"Oh, crap, please don't start that again.  We've been over it and over it.  It was the bank's fault, not ours.  My sister will never miss it, and she and Bill never take any time off to enjoy the money anyway - just work, work, work, all the time.  Besides, what would you tell her now?"

"Oh, I know you're right, but...  Anyway, we never could have taken the kids to Europe otherwise, and I'm sure Susie would feel good about that... I guess."

"You guess?  It'd be a drop in the bucket for them.  You worry too much.  Now, no more about that!"

"OK. OK.  So, where did you leave the kids?"

"I drove them over to your mom's.  She was in the backyard reading, so I just dropped them off and took off before she could start whining and complaining again.  Honestly, you'd think she'd be glad for some time with her only grandkids.  Oh, Sally was pretty cranky and felt a little feverish."

"That's OK.  Mom likes to fuss and worry over them, and she'll take Sally to the doctor if it's anything.  She certainly has more time than we do - ever since Dad died she just mopes around anyway.  Phew, you were right about the jacket.  It's just so hot here.  That train ride was horrible.  It was so bumpy and noisy, and then that jolt - that really hurt like hell.  We should sue the railroad company."

"God, we should.  I wonder what that was - maybe we hit a car or a cow or something.  The weird thing is, I don't feel anything anymore."


"Are you sure this is the right place?"

"Of course I'm sure.  We are exactly where we're supposed to be.  Damn, but it is hot though."
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