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How do entirely new species come into being?

                      The question of intermiediate species
                      has not been proven.
                      A lab experiment is required.

                      Related species can be crossed
                      with cloning.
                      This does not answer the question
                      in the fossil records.

                      A theory of solar evolution
                      sudgest that the solar flares can cause
                      evolutionary mutations.

                      Cosmic radiation can cause mutations
                      and climate changes.
                      It can also be lethal, burning the ozone
                      and boiling the seas.

                      In the Soviet Union chimpanzees were
                      exposed to radiation.
                      The mutations produced were not viable.

                      Simular experiments are being conducted
                      in the U.S.A today.
                      The mutations are always sterile.

                      The question has not been answered; by
                      I have a theory.

                      Knowing what is real is critical to scientific
                      Observation and experimentation provide
                      answers to scientific questions.

                      However, if the mechinism for intermediate
                      species cannot be observed;
                      it cannot be answered by science.

                      Therefore, another aproach is required.
                      A colony of astronauts could be established
                      on the Moon.
                      Exposed to unfiltered solar radiation;
                      the mutation should occure quickly.

                      A loonar race might evolve.
                      Perhaps, this new offspring
                      would better suited to interstellar travel.
                      It is a project in process.

                      Their is a plan to build a resort on
                      the moon by 2035;
                      a Europian Comunity investment.
                      The answer to evolution may be
                      disicovered on the Moon.





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