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Hello everybody on writing.com.
Hello everybody on writing.com. I have wanted to be a writer since I was three years old my mom tells me. So I have alot of practice. I am writing a new book now about the end of the world, and I wanted to share you the cast of my amazing book. My agent agrees with me that it would be good to see if people liked the book early on and me and him will check back on now and then to see what you guys say. If you have any feedback write us at Jurassicblues18@hotmail.com. Thank you for reading and I will put the first chapter online soon.
So here are my characthers:
The End Character's
(Main Character's).
Pictures taken by Kaylie
Name: Sophie Michelle Mccaster
Birthday: July 2, 1985
Likes: Kids, reading, and sleeping
Dislikes: Mean people, Volleyball, and boys
Talents: She can fix car's, she knows how to fix people's theeth, and how to use a gun (A.K.A. Marksmenship).
Job: Dentist

Name: Chris Saide Labonski
Birthday: June 11, 1986
Likes: Saving people's life's, Meeting new and interesting people, and going camping
Dislikes: People always depending on him, spoiled brats, and losing a patient
Talent's: Being a surgeon, starting a fire, and how to sword fight
Job: Doctor (Surgeon).

Name: Daniel James Solorzano
Birthday: September 1, 1990
Likes: Reading, Writing, and playing videogames
Dislikes: Being told what to do, being in charge, and death
Job: Cashier

Name: Linda Renae Crystal
Birthday: March 25, 1989
Likes: Animals of all kind, people who protect animals, and zoo's
Dislikes: Poachers, people who abuse animals, and guns
Talents: Her knowledge of animals, Karate, and making clothes
Job: Zoologist

Name: Kara Marie Lancaster
Birthday: April 28, 1981
Likes:Her boyfriend, being rich, and boys
Dislikes: Having to do something, being ugly, and breaking a nail
Talent's: How not to do anything, how to beg for something, and how to get anything she wants
Job: Doesn't work

Name: Maxwell Tristan Luthor
Birthday: July 19, 1982
Likes: Being a priest, god, and all of god's creation's
Dislikes: Rapist's, killer's, and people who steal
Talents: Exorcism's, Knowing the bible by heart, and a being a priest
Job: Priest

Name: Kaylie Lyn Renolds
Birthday: July 24, 1981
Likes: Helping People, being a cop, and doing the right thing
Dislikes: Death, Killers, and people doing the wrong thing
Talents: Markmenship, Archery, and hand to hand combot
Job: Cop

Name: Robert Rodney Slaugter
Birthday: October 23, 1976
Likes: Raping, Killing, and torturing people
Dislikes: Cops, Jail, and other men
Talent's: Killing people and getting away with it, thinking up new ways to torture somebody, and how to use weapons in interesting ways
Job: Killer
Just to let everyone know. Robert is played by Ryan Renolds. Kaylie is played by Summer Glau. Maxwell is played by jared padeliki. Karie is played by Jessica Alba. Daniel James Solorzano is me. Chris is played by shia la beuof. Sophie is played by Ashley Tisdale.
Thanks again for reading.

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