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Malice Jones is face with men, money, and little do she know but love trouble as well.
In The Closet

I can't believe I'm caught up in this shit. Damn, he said his wife was going to be out of town this weekend. But yet instead, I'm stuck in this fucking closet, I'm ready to just step out and wait for the worst to happen. I mean it’s not like this bitch can do any damage to me. The more I thought about it, the louder the voices were that came from the living room, let me stop thinking so loud, to hear what’s going on. My thoughts always got me in trouble so let me use my brains to get me out of this trouble.

"I mean Jerome every time it seems as if we're coming together, you say some dumb shit. I'm tired of it. I'm tired of you, the fucking scandalous ass hoes you're fucking. You’re not in college anymore, for God's sake you have a wife, two wonderful boys that look like you and adore you. But it’s just not enough for you." 

I could hear her puffing louder now sounding as if she was striking him. I peeked through the shutters of the closet and I could see him grabbing her by the arms, and start to slightly shake her. Shaking my head, now I'm in the middle of domestic abuse. I chuckle lightly to myself; only I would get into this much trouble and this is only a Monday, imagine how the rest of my week will only turn out to be. I mean it’s not like I was sleeping with the man, at least not today, but I couldn't stroll out and tell his wife that. Especially that I was just picking up money and whatever goodies he was likely to give me. Yeah, she'll most definitely be mad then.

The voices grew louder; I can hear him shouting now "Baby if this thing will ever work you has to stop accusing me of wrong doing. You have to put some trust in me".

I can hear her sighing out loud. I knew the only thing that would solve this problem. I fix my hair, smooth my satin dress down and put my jacket back on and button it to the top and grab my new Louie bag. I quietly stepped out the closet that was adjacent to the bathroom and quietly open and then shut the bathroom door. I came out saying "Well Mr. Hamilton, I'm sorry I had to take a personal phone call in the bathroom, I don't really think that the bracelet I have for your wife will work". When I walk out she was standing with her mouth wide open, he look even stunned too.

"Oh my, I'm so sorry; I didn't mean to spoil the surprise. I didn't realize that you came home Mrs. Hamilton". She was shaking her head from side to side trying to make sense of the situation, looking from him to me.

"Baby, surprise" he stutter looking at me hoping that he could trust me to make the situation better. "I know things just haven't really been working out between us so ask Mrs. Jones could she come by and show me some of her exquisite jewelry she owns her own little shop off of the beach".

I look at him thinking how great he lie and found myself asking when did I become Mrs., what a lucky guy that my husband must be and he's part of the invisible life. She started to shake her head abruptly as if she didn't believe it or didn't want too.

"Well if it’s a surprise then let me see this bracelet".

I suck my breath in, I just got this bracelet I had the perfect dress and an event planned but I guess I'll have to make a sacrifice. I pulled the box out of my tote and handed it to her. I could feel her peering at me as she grabs the box. She open the box and once she seen the bracelet she gasped. I mean her mouth open so wide lawd knows that a fly could have come in and flew straight in her mouth and out her nose. The bracelet was a 5kt, diamond-princess cut; tennis bracelet such as this could make any woman melt. I could see her face softening up; I took this as my cue to leave now.

"Well Mr. Hamilton I'm so sorry that I ruin the surprise for your beautiful wife, but it looks as if she loves it. So I'll just bill you for that item then." He looked stunned as if he wanted to say something but at a loss for words.

"Well I guess I'll have to get my checkbook" he turn to go towards the foyer and as I turned to follow him before I stop and said "Mrs. Hamilton, enjoy your surprise once in a lifetime, we should all have something that is special and can be treasured." I smiled and turn away.

Jerome glanced at me and said "So how much do I owe you for this one". I smile and looked back at his wife marveling at how terrific the bracelet look and I mouthed to him "15 grand". He look at me as to say are you serious, but he couldn't judge me. After all I saved his pitiful marriage, and I had just given away a bracelet that he just gave me. 

I always get what I want, no matter what; if I want it then it will be mine. It didn't come easy but with some minor persuasion I could get it. No matter what it was or what it consist of I made things work. I am the true meaning of a survivor. I survive any and everything and made things work for me, I had too. Life threw me lemons from time to time and I squeeze them together and made lemonade for myself. Jumping into my 430 turning the heat on slightly there was a brisk chill in the air, after all I had to make it to the bank before they close to cash my check. Stopping at the light I look at myself in the rearview mirror and smiled. I was truly a beautiful woman, hazel eyes, dimples and luscious lips that was painted Tainted, I smooth my hair behind my ear to show off my new brown sugar pearl earrings. I quickly question who I have become, I wasn't always this image that I see. I sigh letting my thoughts get the best of me. The light turned green and I drove off into the afternoon.

Baby Hurting Too

If I have to run up here to this school one more time for Ce'asia I don't know what I will do. She is definitely taking her mom death hard. I mean hell I am too; I didn't think this would be the life that I would be living. I'm a widower, because some drunken fool was texting and ran her off the road. I loved her so much; she was and still is so much a part of me. And not a day goes by where I don't think or relive a moment that happens between us. My wife Ciara sat in the car and died because he was knocked unconscious and when the authorities found him they were concern about him, not seeing the car until a day later after inspecting the wreck. My eyes watered but I had to pull myself together this was no time for me to feel bad; I had to check in on my daughter. She was in the nurse’s office on the table crying.

As I walked into the familiar hallways to walk around the corner it all felt to familiar, this was the same school I went too. I chuckle thinking of how fresh I use to be running behind all the little girls. Passing through the corridor I walked over to the nurse’s station and saw her laying on the cot crying and instantly my heart soften seeing my baby girl so sad. I gently rubbed her back, "Hey Ce, what's wrong honey". It was often hard to stay upset with her she look so much like her mother. Ciara was so beautiful, everybody loved her. She stay in such good cheer somewhat like Ce'asia or what she used to be like before the accident.

She sat upright on the cot, looking at me with pools of tears in her eyes. "Daddy, I don't feel good" she grabs her stomach and her head, looking to see which one could get more of a powerful effect on me. Peering at her I know it was her way of not wanting to be at school anymore, I knew before she told me what happened, her teacher had already brief me about the previous events.

"Lucky for you lady, I brought you medicine and your favorite bear, so you can go back as soon as you open up" she hurried to grab her mouth. Shaking her head she mumbles between her fingers, "My tummy and my head hurt, the medicine can't fix me". I look at her hating that she felt so much pain she wanted to wrong from it. "Baby this medicine is special it will fix everything, all of your pains and aches". She removed her hands "Dad can it stop my heart from hurting too, I miss my mommy. Could it bring her back to me"? I grabbed her and stroke her head "Baby girl, I know, I miss mommy too. But God needed her more than we did, she didn't want to leave but when you have work that need to be done, then people will leave when God call for them."  She look puzzled as if she wanted to ask more questions but she knew better than to question God's work. "Daddy, will you leave me too. The kids tease me about me not having a mommy and it hurts. They call me names, I just want to talk to my mommy and let her know how I feel". Picking her up I place her on her feet in front her "Look at me, hold your head high, baby I know they say things that may hurt but as long as you know who you are and what your mom was and what she meant to you then that is all that matters. Baby, your mom loved you so much, and so do I. She's still here looking over you". Looking at her I could see her trying to use the concept in her own way of what I was telling her. "How about after school we go get uhmmmm" before I could finish the words she shouts "ICECREAM". I grab her and tickle her under neck, and she start to giggle. "Yes we can go get ice-cream, but you have to go back to class and be a big girl, ok?" She peered at me over her arm that she was trying to defend herself from the tickles. "Ok I can do that, and hey I am a big girl" she smiled. I smiled back "I know baby sometimes I forget that you’re growing up" holding my hand out she grab my index and we start to walk back to her classroom.

Leaving from the school I realize that I had a few errands that need to be attended to before she got out of school, I will never live down the fact I didn't take her to get ice-cream. Getting in the car, I realize life is what you make it and your output on it. So the question now is how will I consider looking at life? I look down at the clock on the dashboard and realize that the time was slowly approaching and I had to get my ducks in a row.

The Meeting

Driving into the bank parking lot in the tightly squeezed parking space. I ran into the bank to cash my small fortune that I just received thanks to Mr. Jerome. I chuckle to myself men are so gullible. Once opening the door I seen the long line cussing to myself, making me have to wait, longer then I intended too. The line around the bank was wrapped outside of the little parking lot. I had no other choice but to patiently wait. I impatiently tap my fingers on my wallet frustrated that the workers behind the pane were more focus on the latest gossip of the week. You'll think a line this long they will open up more lines instead of the two that they had open. Moving up a little, I watch as the people walked in and out, wishing it could be me leaving next.

When the door open a gush of fresh air rushed over me and a dashing man walked into the bank and stood in the next line. I tried to flash him a smile with a little bit of teeth but he only nodded. Disappointed I cast it off; I realized I was next in line. As I open my wallet, I dropped my keys, and I heard a noise like breaking glass behind me. My reflexes made me duck, it was so loud. As I turn and look I realize the bank was being robbed, the man ran in with a ski mask wearing all black, holding up a shot gun, at the bank arm security guard. Looking above the security guard I could see that he fired a shot off and that there glass broken above the guard’s head. Another man wearing a ski mask made his way to the front of the bank, yelling out obscenities that I couldn't understand. I shook nervously the closer he got to me. The robber steady made his way in my direction through his ski mask I notice he had a beard, with dark beady eyes. The next thing I know I was feeling very numb as I crash to the cold linoleum floor; it was the last thing I remembered.

Waking up the dashing young man that was in the bank earlier was carrying me to the ambulance, and as my eyes fluttered back and forth to try regain consciousness, he laid me on one of the tables. I muttered "Thank you" sounding another language, but from his reaction I knew he understand what I was saying. One of the paramedics ran over to me with smelling salt which made me jump up. My eyes now wide open, the medic mouthed to me "Are you ok, ma'am". I responded "Yes, just feeling foggy", then I noticed a short stubby looking police officer walked around him, "Ms. uhh..." I peered at him trying to figure what he would want with me "Jones" I responded back. "Uh yes Ms. Jones, I'm Dean, we are unfortunate that this situation has happened to you, and we are sure that this has put you in a bad predicament but we need you and Mr. uhh" darting his eyes toward the mystery man, "Ross" he spoke. "Uhh yes and Mr. Ross to the police precinct to record your recollections of what happened".

I tried to swing my legs over the table, but instantly grab the back of my head. "Ouch" I yelled.

The man came over to me and took my shoulders in his hands. His hands were big, but warmth quickly ran through my whole body which made me quiver a bit.

"She doesn’t look as if she is ready to answer any questions. I seen her when she felled to the floor, and she took a pretty hard fall."

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