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This is an excerpt of thoughts of a character in one of the books I am currently writing.
The weather isn't better and I don't like it... It's not like a rainy day does wonders to my mood. It was easier before.. Before everything.. Before the old me. The better me, the good me. Now that belongs to a distant time. A time where all the things were in the right places and the heart was where it belonged. Open to love and happiness. Open to the world, open to everyone.

Now all of that is just a shadow of what it was and I am just a shell. Empty. Devoided of emotions, feelings. Heartless. That's what I have become. I don't have the flame of life in me as I once had.When I look at myself in the mirror, I don't see the passion in my eyes for life anymore. All I see is a weary face, sad eyes with tears welling up, threatning to spill. I've been reduced to this.
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