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Just chapter I of "Sh'mai", a fiction tale yet to be written

Chapter One

"Amarië... Please promise you'll never leave me." I held her close to me. I looked into her eyes; I could feel her pain.
"Lúthien, I cannot bare to see your suffering."
"You know what you can do."
"No! I cannot!"
"You know it's the only way. I rather die beside you than to die at the hands of Eruoán."
"Eruoán... I should have killed him when I had the chance! "
"Amarië, there was nothing you could do at that time. She winced a little.
"I could have, Lúthien! People died..."
She interrupted me. "You were weak, even your powers could have not been of any aid at that time! Do not bring this upon yourself, Amarië." She winced again, this time it was so evident. Her body became heavier between my arms. I slightly moved my hands from beneath her. I saw the thick red liquid shine by the torches' light. My eyes widened in shock.
"Lúthien, we must reach Gwydion quickly. He..."
"Amarië, there is no time."
"But it's serious, Lúthien! We should hurry now before Eruoán's front men reach the garrison."
"I said go. Leave me."
I could not believe the words I was hearing from her mouth.
"What? I am not leaving you here! Are you insane?"
"If you don't, we'll both be killed." She paused. "As I said before, I refuse to die at Eruoán's hands." A long silence passed between us. I had my head and my heart screaming at each other for what I should do. She held my hand tightly. Her other hand traced my face gently. "Amarië, I love you. I always will. Now, kill me."
Tears began rolling down my cheeks, I could not move. Her voice was firm and calm uttering an order I should obey, for I too could not imagine what hideous torments would be reserved for her if she fell into Eruoán's reach.
"My heart will always be yours. Even in death, Amarië."
Heavy horse galloping, in the distance, alerted us that time was expiring. I loved her so much... I looked once more at her beautiful face; her sparkling eyes even now were so alive and so full of kindness. Her lips, through which escaped small breaths of precious air, were red and inviting.
"Forgive me." I kissed her lips for what I knew to be the last time. Her willingness and passion told me she was ready. I began trailing her jaw line with eager kisses. Her neck was also at reach of my lips, I kissed the soft points I knew so well. I could feel her pulse under my lips, it was so inebriating. Before arching my head back, I gave her one last kiss and then buried my fangs deep within her flesh.


I wrapped her lifeless body in the fabric I had purchased from a merchant in Daarga. It would have given a beautiful dress. Tears ran freely through my face, but I felt cold and numb inside. I threw the torch I was carrying to the ground and walked away.
"A'Laena Sar, Lúthien."

From a distance, I watched the fire consume the place we had taken briefly as a shelter. Eruoán's men were arriving near it. They saw that there was nothing left and departed to North. I turned my back and started my journey
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