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This is a story about my cat.
I sat on the back patio enjoying the fresh lavendar aroma from the small lilac tree by the closeline. My leg were crossed on the lawn chair and gently marched a slow rhythm. And then I saw.

Huge round geen eyes within the lilac trees leaves, near the bottom.  Noticing, I could make out her slick, black body and white tips paws. She focused intently, pupils growing larger. I realized her haunches were slowely shifting from one leg to another.  "This was pouncing behavior," I thought, "but at what?"

And then with all muscles tensed she was still. Bounding forward she barreled at me full force. Her quickness suprized me. As quickly as she started she stopped, right in front of me. She was sniffing at my now motionless toes.

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