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A simple smile can change everything.
She walked through the hallway and no one looked at her nor said a word to her face. A girl that felt so alone, as if no one cared. Although, she had it wrong; It wasn't that no one liked her or noticed her but they were to busy to care. They had their own problems and they didn't want anyone else's, but she couldn't see that. Ashlynn thought to herself, 'Life sucks, they don't like me. I'm fat. I'm ugly. I don't want to live.' The teacher knew she wasn't paying attention, but let it go. Her mind always was in a different place. As if she was never really there.

When she came home after school she would lock herself in her room and cry. Ashlynn would starve herself and cut her wrists just to hide the thick layer of pain. No one knew. No one would ever know until they open their eyes. 'I'm going to make them open their eyes,' thought Ashlynn. Quickly grabbing a notebook and a pen she wrote the most horrid of letters. A suicide letter.

Dear people of this stupid world,

I want to tell you all that my place in the world was not discovered, but I didn't want to wait for it to come. Reality sunk in and thats when I realized that this world sucks. I will NEVER be as skinny as those girls on TV. I will NEVER be as great as Madonna or Elvis so what is the point. What is the point of living when you already know that eventually you will die. There are school shootings and gangs and I am not going to wait for one of them to kill me. Life is dull to me. Same thing everyday. Everyone is blind, blinded by their issues that they never see the pain they cause others. A simple "hi" would make the loneliest kid at school's day but no you all decide to ignore everyone but yourself. I must say I love my siblings! Brothers and Sisters please do not cry for me, for I will be in a better place. I'll see you on the other side.


The next day Ashlynn had all the intension's of pulling the trigger after school. The day went slowly, mocking her eagerness to join God. At one point of the day she was having second thoughts thinking maybe life would turn around, but then she snapped out of it and was ready. The last class was the slowest but eventually the bell rang. Quickly running to her locker, she grabbed her backpack and headed to the door. As she was about to open the door a hand grabbed the handle first. Slowly her eyes glanced up and looked up at him, it was the football quarterback. He opened the door for her. She gave him a questioning look, but walked out. Before she walked away she looked back. He smiled and waved to her.

The next day he opened his locker and an envelope fell out. Slowly he picked it up and opened it. Inside was a letter that said four simple words.


Also inside the envelope he found the bullet to her dad's gun.

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