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Rated: E · Draft · Action/Adventure · #1419540
This is a start to an enventual book about the life of Zentork Majere.
The Chronicles of Zentork Majere

The story starts along time ago in a small village of Divers on the River Newb. A young boy took a liking to an old frazzled magician that wandered through town one day. This boy was strong willed and desired adventure, even though he was the runt of the litter. Zentork Majere had four older brothers and two older sisters. His mother ruled the house with an iron spoon, which she would use to discipline the children. His father was a military man in the local lord's army, and being in the army he was away from home a lot.

Zentork was a weak child; he was ill much of his early life. It was rare for Zentork to run and play with the other children; he was more the studious type. Zentork devoured any type of book or scroll that he could get his hands on. He came to the notice of the old frazzled magician by constantly bothering him with questions about the books and scrolls that he carried with him.

Zentork was born a cold stormy night in the deep of winter. It was a very strange night in that instead of the expected blizzard that all of the villagers anticipated, the storm ended up being a severe thunderstorm, the likes of which have not been seen since. Zentork's mother Malrinda had a very difficult pregnancy with him and spent much of the last half of it on her back in bed. The other children had to step up and take care of the farm as Zentork's dad Ulrich, had been called off to duty yet again. Zentork's oldest brother, Jasper ran the farm in his father's absence. His sister Rolanda took care of the house while Chastity his youngest sister took care of their mother. William, Elrich, and Simon helped with the planting and harvesting of the crops, as well as taking care of the sheep and goats.

The midwife had her work cut out for that night, as Zentork was born there were many complications and both he and his mother almost died. But the midwife was very skilled at her trade and was able to save both mom and baby. Even when he was born he was scrawny being only five pounds and about ten inches long. Zentork did not laugh or cry at his birth, his face was very serious, as if he was already thinking of the adventures he would have in his later life.

A month later when Ulrich was able to come home, he was able to hold little Zentork in the palm of his hand. He made sure that the rest of the children helped to take care of this miracle child that almost did not make it through his birth.

As the months went by it was apparent that Zentork was a special child he was already speaking common tongue by the age of one, and able to walk soon after. By the age of 18 months he was starting to read scrolls and books that would be advanced for a child of 6 years.

This old man was no ordinary magician he was a great wizard of vast magical abilities. It just so happened that at the time Zentork was pestering him; he was looking for a new apprentice to learn the art of wizardry. The old man took a liking to Zentork and over a period of a month taught him some basic magical skills. Zentork proved to be an excellent student and ended up learning his lessons well. By the end of the month the old man had approached Zentork's mother and asked for permission to take Zentork with him back to his magic school to further instruct young Zentork Majere in the magical arts.

His mother was so happy that someone was willing to teach her weak little child a trade. She called the family together for one last family meeting. Even Zentork's father came home to wish his son the best of luck. Each of the children gave Zentork a token of their affection to remind him of them in his journeys ahead. He was overwhelmed with the out pouring of love and affection that he received from his family. Yet when the old man told him it was time to leave, he gladly threw on his cloak and picked up his bag of herbs and other magical accoutrements and followed the old wizard out of the village.

This was the first time that Zentork had been outside of the village in his fourteen years of life. He was fascinated by the lands that they passed through on there way to the magic school. It was both fun and scary being out in the real world. His first few days were uneventful, but as they got further away from the small villages that surrounded his home, things got much more interesting. By the fourth day they reached the outskirts of the largest city that Zentork had ever seen in his life. This was the free city of Greyhawk. It was a country unto itself. The city had many different districts each with its own functions within the larger function of the city. Each district that they entered had various unique things that Zentork had never seen before.

When they arrived at the city Zentork was amazed by the walls that surrounded the city. The large gate and portcullis that protected the entrance, as well as the huge drawbridge they crossed. The guards greeted the old wizard with joy, and teased little Zentork by saying "Bringing in street urchins now old man?" The old wizard stated "This little one will be more powerful than your whole guard force put together, mark my words!" The guard captain just laughed and said "Sure thing old man, take him in and we will see if the child can compare to your other students." With that Zentork entered into the Westgate district and was assaulted by many new sights and sounds. The Westgate district by itself was three times larger than his home village, and he was awed by the spectacle before him. As they entered through the Westgate, the sites and sounds of the city overwhelmed Zentork. And while he was standing there with his jaw open he was almost run-over by a dung cart. The old wizard yanked him out of the way just in time to prevent a smelly situation. He told Zentork "Keep his wits about him in the city, there are many dangerous traps that can befall you so keep your eyes open."

All Zentork could do was just gape at  the sights nd sounds around him as the old wizard pulled him along behind  him. The smells that assaulted them were many and varied as the types of people that were out and about. There were elves, dwarves, humans, kender, halflings, half-ogres, gnomes, and mny other creatures wandering the paths and streets of the Westgate district. There were buildings of every shape and size from tent city's to four floor glorius hostels. As they continued through the streets Zentork continued to be amazed by all that surrounded him. The Old mage tried to get him to focus but eventually just laughed at his wonderment and said "Oh to have the wonder of young eyes once again!" They continued farther into the district and eventually found there way into Trades district. This was were the young of the surrounding villages were sent to learn a trade that could put them onto a career path and hopefully allow them to gain much expierience in the ways of the world.

the Trade district was almost as amazing as the Westgate district, what with all of the different shops and schools that crowed the streets. there were shops specializing in everything from plant growth to swordsmanship to wizardry and witchcraft. there were also shops that provided the basi ingrediants for anything that the schools needed to teach thier pupils. The old many took him in and out of various shops buying basic essentials that Zentork would need for his classes. But these were just the basic items, Zentorks mind would be what he truly need to learn all that the old wizard had to teach him. After purchasing the supplies they continued to the wizard's guildhall where all wizard's and aspiring wizard's had to register with the lord's of Greyhawk. The paperwork was tidious but eventualy they finished and headed for the school of sorcery and magics.

This was one of the more prestigious schools in the district being in the the center of the district and being housed in a tower that reached into the heavens. as you looked at it you could see colorful puffs of smoke and hear the ocasional words and growns of spells and spell failures. The entranced was barred by what appeared to be soldiers in full plate armor but as Zentork got closer he noticed that these warriors were magical beings as were there should have been flesh there was nothing but air and thier eyes burned with the intensity of coal fires. These beings were charged with protecting the scholl from all manner of trials both external and internal. These were the Mage Warriors, they not only looked like capable warriors they had the capabilty of calling on the magic they were made of to help defend the school in any manner required.
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