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Rated: 13+ · Novel · Action/Adventure · #1419936
a dragon story
The lost of a baby sends a mother dragon in to a fierce rage
A boy trying to find out about his past is given powers that could change his life for ever
One test to prove his worth could bring about his destruction
So starts to cycle of the burning swords

Deep in the forest the mother dragon had gust got done killing three deer to take to her baby when all of a sudden she felt all the life go out of her daughter like a candle flame being blown out with a terrifying roar the mother leaped in to the air flying as fast as she could the mother dragon got to the top of the hill and seeing her baby slaughtered like a deer sent the mother in to a fierce rage taking a deep breath the mother set the forest a light with the fire from her maw as the mother look at her young she knew all was lost there must be a stop to the slaughter of dragons for years the dragon hunters have track and killed the dragons most went in to hiding for fear of being killed all the dragons were strong in magic but almost all of them did not know how to use it fear for there young and old they went to the under ground caverns hiding till all thought they were gone but lots of them died under ground so they came back to the surface but the killing had started agen the mother sat and thought for days on how to stop the killing in the end as she was flying over a small village by the sea she saw a boy of maybe fifteen setting down on a rock the mother flying high landed on a cliff as the mother watch the boy she tough what could bring about the down fall a the dragon hunters but one of the dragon hunters own people the king of the dragon hunters ruled over all the people making the people hate the dragons well thought the mother dragon will change the life a this young boy his destiny will be to kill the whole kingdom of dragon hunters but it will cost me my life to change the fate of one boy is it worth it thought the mother thinking of the young the dragon settled her resolve and with a giant leap and a flap of her wings the mother dragon was flying down as silently as possible the boy did not see the dragon on till she was over his had the boy looked up and froze in terror never in his life had he seen a dragon and now over head was the most beautiful dragon he had ever seen with scales that sparkled a deep red eye a deep pool of gold and a wing span that could cover the hole village the dragon was the most beautiful and freighting thing he had ever seen with a last flap of her wings the dragon landed by the boy with a deep growl see took a swipe at the boy a an with a yelp caught him in her talons leaning in to look at the boy the mother knew he was terrified but over look it with a hiss the mother opened a link to the boy you are my only hope the dragon said to the boy the boy cringed at the sound of her voice so deep and powerful as much as I hate your race I realize that the only way to end the war between us is to trust in you so this is what I am goanna due I will give you all my powers as a dragon some of witch I due not even know you are goanna need a weapon or two I will use my magic to make you them and with my fire I will attach them to your arms so you will never forget your mission now reach out and touch the center of my head to boy scared the dragon was goanna tear him apart if he did not obey reach out and touch to dragon in the center of her head the dragon transported them both to a under ground room the room was at least two hundred feet high and it was burning hot the dragon knowing what she had to due picked the boy up and set him the raging forge and take a step in side the dragon was consumed by the fire the boy could see the dragon turning to ash the boy sat there waiting for some thing to happen when all of a sudden two molten gold ropes of fire came out of the forge followed by two double bladed short swords they were both pulsing with a fiery glow the boy was picked up by invisible hands this arms stretch out no the boy shouted as the red hot ropes started to move toward him the boy struggled to get release himself but to no a vile the ropes grabbed him pain the likes he had never felt before raced up his arms burning all the way to the bone the boy passed out just as the mother dragon step out of the forge the boy fell on the floor the dragon knew the boy would not survive if she did not hurry up with a deep breath the she summed her power and with a leap flowed in to the boys body as all her power was put in to the body and sole of the young boy the dragons life slowly faded away with a flash the boys arms were healed an he was transported back to his village never knowing who changed his life so in the morning the villagers were shock to find the boy with the swords chained the his arms and a tattoo of a dragon over his eye
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