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Just a little thought.
My friend told me a hat I resembled and I scoffed at him and told him he surely jests. He assured me he did not. I told him to turn upside down, and what did I resemble more than a bowl? Realizing his mistake, he nodded his head and returned to his slumber as nothing more than a toadstool in the forest.
Alas, my boredom, far from satiated, continued to prod at me to find something else to pique my interest. As a frog, I lept across the lilypads until there were no more.
And then as a fish I swam until I reached the shore
And as a child, once again, I met my truest friend
One with whom I'll spend my life until the very end.
Only did I realize I had such an acquaintance when I glanced into the water. Any funny face I made, they made back -- and even funnier. I smiled and she smiled back, but when I reached to take her hand, she ran away.
Maybe a lifelong friend, she wasn't. I went to find one more permanent and came across a boy who liked to pretend he was a superhero. I assured him he was not as he couldn't even fly. He threw a rock at me. I tackled him and we fought, but my toadstool friend got in the way and broke us apart. We looked at each other, and laughed, and held hands.

Each other hand was filled with rocks.
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