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Short personal reviews on this movie called life....so what.
As we all know, life is never predictable...one minute its nice, enjoyable and one sensational joy ride. Or it can be one downward spiral of love-lost, emotions and continuous heart ache, which is strange as it seems like everyone knows your every weakness, ontop thrives on your sadness. Which is strange and also cannot be judged, cause we are all the same and thats what makes all of us tick - PAIN.

As much as we dont like receiving this gift, we all distribute it like everyone else but yet we will still hate and dispise the others who distribute it, even though there is no room to talk.

No-one said living in this time would be a piece of cake, which is understandable now seeing those who were dishing out the ingredients for this lavish life were dishing out the cheapeast knowing it would sometime flop.

But yet we carry on, as well as we all know, what else can we do but not carry on the suffering travel through this yet-to-flop cake life....which soon enough....flop.

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