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by Nikki
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What a morning would look and feel like through the eyes of my puppy.
          Shylyn awoke as the sounds of the day began to register in her brain. Her daddy was getting up out of bed but her mommy was still sleeping.
          As the fog cleared from her mind, Shylyn pondered where her daddy went every morning. He always came back with something. Even though it wasn't food, he could still be hunting.
          Shylyn squirmed her way over her mommy's legs to watch her daddy, pausing once to have a nibble on the blanket.
          Shylyn stopped her chewing and watched as her daddy reached into a big square brown thing and pulled out clothing. It always amazed her how he did this and she wondered how the contraption worked.
          "Maybe daddy will show me some day" she thought to herself. Shylyn decided to voice her thoughts and what came out was a muffled bark. Shylyn's daddy looked up and laughed softly, asking Shylyn what she wanted. Shylyn looked at her daddy and cocked her head in confusion and amusement. "What is he saying"?
          Then came the time of morning Shylyn always looked forward to, her daddy opening the door. The excitement of this moment flickered through her eyes as Shylyn tensed her back legs. As her daddy watched, Shylyn leaped off the bed with no fear, landing on all four feet and partially on her nose. It didn't seem to bother Shylyn though and she bounded out of the room, head held high.
          Shylyn followed her daddy through the house and let out a whimper as she knew he would be gone the rest of the day. As the door closed Shylyn watched it for what seemed like hours. Then she walked slowely back to the bedroom. Shylyn grunted as she climbed on the bed. Then a sense of peace flooded her mind as she snuggled against her mommy's chest and fell asleep.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1420202