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by Nikki
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This is the sequel to "A morning through my puppy's eyes".
          Shylyn stirred from her short, but refreshing nap, to her mommy hustling about in a hurried fashion. Shylyn sat up and watched for a moment, wondering what her mommy was getting ready for. These thoughts were chased out of her mind when her mommy grabbed a long rope-like object from the wall. Shylyn's brainwork halted there for a second as she wondered how the rope-thing attached to her back..."and it stays there!" she thought.
          Then Shylyn's mommy kneeled down to do just what shylyn was marveling at. Shylyn held still for all of three seconds, then turned to chew on the rope-thing, "mmm...yummy" she thought.
          Finally, after a small hassle, Shylyn's mommy got her at the van's door and sat down. "This definitely is NOT another puppy" she said quite loudly. Shylyn's mommy looked at her "it's okay" she said. Shylyn understood that phrase and looked at her mommy in earnest.
          At last, Shylyn was inside the big object and on her mommy's lap. Shylyn stared out of the glass, absolutely in awe. "There are all kinds of these things with wheels" she thought to herself. Shylyn stood at full attention, with her front paws on the glass and her back paws on mommy's legs. Sylyn's ears were held forward (she is a Rottweiler so her ears are "floppy") and her eyes gleamed with curiosity.
          As the Thing-with-wheels maneuvered, so did Shylyn. "Wow, this is fun!" she thought and began to bounce and sway with the movement. Shylyn giggled softly, which came out like a snort. Shylyn's mommy attempted to hold her still as they arrived at their destination.
          Then Shylyn saw her daddy walking to the Thing-with-wheels, "ooohhh, so THIS is where daddy goes in the morning". Shylyn tipped her head to the side "I wonder if daddy has this much fun?" Shylyn began to wag her stub-tail and smiled physically as well as emotionally.
          Shylyn's daddy smiled back at his wonderful puppy in the window.
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