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Alternative power. PERPETUAL motion genrators

I am working on it I am one of those that thinks on my feet and it never fails the good Ideas come when I am doing something like cleaning and or out taken a walk an can not get to the computer so when I do set down most of the time it just comes out and it takes me weeks to sort out the notes.

maKe electric power easyer to get without power lines every where you look, no taxes on power, an less government control on the production of power.

This is as Idea for PERPETUAL motion genrators that do not use oil as a fuel of any kind.

Most of the work is Bible base research ( And the Dead sea scrolls) as I look to under stand what the Urim and Thumim was. I call them the way Stones in my book I am reseaching for. Black Elk Speaks has been another book I have got alot from, it was the part in it that speaks about the (The Cryiers).

understanding Creations electrostaic electromagnetic's forces an it's over all impact on the minds on man an Beast. Some of the Idea come from thinking about EarthQuake!
I am working on a research project dealing with PERPETUAL motion genrators power suply.....for homes and cars....

The project I am working is a PERPETUAL motion fly wheel System ,using magnetics and simple genrators on like cars my goal is to make a model using a simple fly wheel balanced with magnet's as the wheel moves and passes these points the push of the field helps maintain the spining, a direct small gear box to a idea like what cars use to charge batteries. but only with out battery's... Motion in Motion spining maken power that could be used to suply homes with power. no out side power lines needed, As for cars the same Idea apllies, as for cars genrators suplying power to self maintaining power. constent grundge like power systems...no need for batteries. for both the home and the other the dniyno) or grundge system would work really good with the gear box drive systems,

Motion---generation power could be mo
dified to be added to Air ducts ...so as to one feeds off the other reduesing load!

..Planitary gear clutch grundge dnyoi propetual motion fly wheel System .............copasirder

The one feeds off another to make more power and stable power...

No More Power line's

these Ideas could be used for washers dryers and the like and even home stoves. heating cooling small and larg things...

project of research as to a constant propulsion electromagnetic PERPETUAL systems

genrators that make there own power suply and start with systems such things

like the old grundge hand cranks...
Another new one electro magentic levotaion motors, charging exter metal fram for air craft Ozone

Salt H20 Power Concepts for cars and home power

There are a great many Ideas out there but few open reports of them in the

main stream news. coal would become a thing of the past and cleaner air would not just a
wishfull thought it will not come by means of goverment mouth running but by those with
the ideas moving forward and making it happen. Faith with out a just action is a worthless
faith. .

I was thinking about a Idea so for a water fall for cats an dogs using small generaters using the water fall to keep the water from going stial.

No more electric Bills No more cap an trade...

Please check out my good friend on writing.com Look up Crosshair. He is One of my bests friends God Bless you (White Arrow) I have not for gotten your friend ship, it was with him listening to Rush Limbaugh did hafe of my Book Ideas an the above came to be as well because of the little papper mail booklet I read called

{(odyssey) around the year 2000 to 2002)} the artical about things like this in it.

...if it was not for his friend ship The refined thought of this Idea would not be ! Hafl of My Idea was his...It was the John Deer tractor history that helped....The fly wheel on the side.



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