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Unclaimed Lottery Tickets may be Answered Prayers that we ignored. Why? Learn to heal free
1 Jackpot AZ Lottery, still Unclaimed

As of today, Arizona Lottery web site shows that, no one came forth to claim the Jackpot.  They report that This ticket (Pick 5) was sold December 1, 2007 and still good until May ,2008.  The lucky numbers are 9,23,28,32,33
I like to wonder where this ticket is, or why there are more than 20 small ($10,000 to $50,000) unclaimed tickets for the Power ball lottery. 
It seems to me, that when we purchase these tickets, sending a prayer to God, asking for help with our finances, we send this prayer with a fearful emotion and deep in our soul don't even expect to receive a blessing. and then, He give it to us, but we do NOT believe it, and pay no attention to the ticket, afterwards.
There must be many different situations that prevent us from claiming our good fortune, the worst case scenario, may be an accident o health related issue, but for the most part, I would like to believe, it is just an oversight from our part.
When we are distracted, specially by health, family or financial issues, we keep praying to God (the Universe, or whomever you pray to), but then, at the same time, we send out our strong energy full of fear and doubts, emanating from inside to the Universe.  Now this contradiction brings back to us the same situations we experience, over and over.
I believe, to break this cycle, we should train ourselves to "see" the way out with help from heaven. Learn to feel free and notice when our thoughts are coming from the Ego self or fearful beliefs, then with the Angel's help, we will learn to release and focus our thoughts and actions based on love and gratitude.  This way we will change for good, to a much positive attitud and will star noticing when we do receive more GIFTS from God every day.
God and The Angelical kingdom, give us signs and messages daily, to helps us to find the answers to our prayers, now, because our spiritual ears or third eye may be "blocked" and we are not able to have a normal conversation with them,(most of the time), they use things like: words in a song (usually, we keep hearing the same thing more than 3 times) or we find some coins, or feathers, or some printed words that seems to call our attention, and let us know that We are not alone in this path, and they want to lovingly guide us to fulfill our beautiful life's mission.
When we notice their help (We called miracles) even in seemingly small situations, our gratitude is their payment and improves the whole energy around us. Be Happy!
I know that you will find good quality materials, meditation cds, books, Angelic messages in tarot card decks etc.,(I would love to recommed the ones helping me) that would inspire You to continue with your spiritual journey and connect with your higher self. 
This will give you better ideas to receive God's help to improve your life in general,
remembering that THIS is what He wants for Us and we deserve it.  Let go of your fears, and enjoy this life to its fullest!.

Let me know if I could help you in any way.
By Alegria Flores
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