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by Asha
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Sinclair believes in love at first site. and her first sight was of brendon urie....
I paced my room, thinking of ways to torture my little brother.
'Shove a snake in his bed? No, already done that. give him a random present, which is actually-' My thoughts were inturupted as a knock rattled my door. only one person knocked that hard.I ran to the door and threw it open.
'Shazza!' I screamed. I embraced the girl who was standing at my door, with her hand up like she wanted the door to close again so she could re-knock. She had long black hair then fell to her waist, which was way longer then my own. Mine only went to my shoulders. She had the same eyes as me. The left one blood red, the right one a soft grass green. Both our skins were paler then the rest of our families, and we had a secret most 15 year old girls wish they were.
Shazza was my twin sister. Together, we would cause terror at school during our six hours there. then we would come home and reign terror on our little 10 year old broth, marcus. Then, at night, we would creep out our windows, and hunt for our food.
yes, the vampiric state of life was grand. but we were just like normal teenagers. We have a mortal family (we arent pure bloods, but somewhere in our family line someone was a vampire, and we got the gene. or something like that.). We like mortal guys. we have peirving. we can be rebelious, but our grades are still good. And of course, we have crushes on famous boys.
Shazza was obbsessed with Gerard Way. If there was anything she would give to meet him, she would give it. me, I liked Brendon Urie. and i didnt mind Pete Wentz either.
'Guess what.' Shazza said to me. Her voice told me it was something worth guessing.
'The alpha for the lycan pack weve been hunting is dead, so it will be easier for us to attack them?!' I asked hopefully. she flinched like something had struck her, but she wasnt willing to let them beat her to the ground.
'Oh, so close. but no.' She reached into her pocket and pulled something out. I gasped, and couldnt breathe.

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